Sunday 7/6/20

Why am I awake?

Why are you awake?



I’m awake because my daughter had been shouting the words to the wheels on the bus and kicking the end of her bed at 6.30 this morning.


Morning froggo

No idea

Work in a bit :frowning:

Very important kitten pictures to see!

The new normal.

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Got in from work 20 mins ago. Last night shift for a bit I think woo.

Got some eggs that I melted some cheap american cheese over, and some coffee and some tiger bread. Cant wait to sleep later after doing a wilko trip with the gf when it opens.


Brain told me to wake up, thanks brain, you cock

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We woke up to the sound of our youngest crying because the tooth fairy had forgotten to visit last night :frowning:

(Luckily she knows it’s us, and she forgave us)



You’re awake because it’s a beautiful sunny day. I’m awake because despite being given a 45 minute lie in from the human alarm clock it was still a 7.15 start.

We got Disney plus yesterday, so we’re watching Coco right now. Probably going to take the boy for a bike ride later this morning.

Roast for dinner, but I’ll save that for the inevitable thread later.


Not in the North.

Watching Dumbo again. Looks like a decent day out there so maybe a park visit later or maybe a socially distant visit to my sister’s garden - not seen her since February.

Morning froglet, morning all. I’m awake because my brain woke me up, then I had to fix something for work so I’m now properly awake and won’t get back to sleep. What a start to a fortnight off work.
On the other hand, the sparrows and starlings are making a massive racket in the garden and it’s great to hear.

Silly Baby’s first birthday today! Was hoping for a dry day at least to make socially distant family visits to the garden easier. Weird that she doesn’t know it from any other day. Anyway, a whole year since she made her entrance!


Morning all!

The Child stole my bed at 5.00 and I slept for two hours on a sofa-bed. It has not improved my weariness.

We’re considering going out for BLM in Glasgow this afternoon - both of us are conflicted about we can socially distance in a protest but how important it is that we do protest.

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HBSB! :tada::birthday:


It’s always sunnier in Brighton. It’s the law. Here’s the current view:


Happy birthday silly baby!

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Standard cat facilitated waking - it’s nice enough out today that I’m back to having breakfast in the garden. The evil wind is gone so I’m going to get out on my bike, just need to decide which one.

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Happy birthday, tiny human!

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Was meant to be on a zoom call later on today with a bunch of guys I did a huge bike ride with 5yrs ago. It’s the anniversary of us setting off this morning. But I’ve become so anxious of Zoom calls that I’ve sent my apologies in already. Feeling a bit glum now

HBSB!!! :champagne::champagne::champagne: