Sunday 7

Is butter chicken actually good? Just assume it’s basically the same as korma

I like Gousto a lot, never tried HF but I’m sure they’re good too. You can use this code if you decide to go Gousto

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Seconding HELLO fresh. Tonight for example I am making sirloin steak with red wine jus, roast potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli with garlic and chilli.

Just ordered a yotters otters dishpatch due to this thread. Thanks @Aggpass for the pleasing name and all.


What is yotter otter apart from a satisfying thjng to say?!


Didn’t know @joke was into his cooking


Only really into comforting West African stuff


Hello fresh repeatedly sent me rancid chicken. Had to cancel them after that. I’m on the gousto train currently.

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Ok, gonna go with Gousto for now. Thanks @laelfy and everyone for their advice!

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Feel free to ask about any recipes - I’ve tried quiet a few now

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Comforting West African stuff in a taxi or the back of a van


Just snorted

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Would it show a lack of humility to mention that that fucking piece of shit is taking credit for my naming?


Not at all. Much thanks to you lonzo

Ottolenghi delights if you didn’t already get that. Got to wait almost two weeks though…

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Another weekend cleaning and sorting through my things and rearranging a bunch of stuff and then having to rearrange again because I forgot about some large item that needs to fit somewhere.

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Ha I do that.

When was at my parents last year turned up with my best sourdough and was like ‘Hmm I think its slightly underbaked’

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“You’ve failed to control guests and you’ve failed to control the hosts.”

Matt Crosby explaining to Producer Vin about Pepe the frog is making my evening