Sunday 7

  • Thought Torvill and Dean were married (to each other)
  • You’re an idiot

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Might have a bath

Yeah I do, just checked


Till about adulthood I thought they were the same people as Richard and Judy.

Until about 5 years ago I thought Liberace was the same era as Mozart


Not in the same league but when I was 6 I asked my mother what it was like to cross the prairie in a covered wagon.
I should note that my mother’s family has been in California since at least 1850.


My elderly friend has had her first dose of vaccine :blush:
Television is terrible though, all a load of rubbish


Could go to bed rn tbh. Sleepy

Hey @Joke2000 seen the Liverpool score?

No, @slicky, @laelfy do either of you know?

Nope, don’t think a game happened today

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Just had a couple of espresso chocolates, that’s me buggered for sleeping

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Cast iron they’ve had it off tho surely

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Had a couple of rums. Starting to get a wee bit nervy about new job tomorrow.

So glad the induction is on Teams actually - Think it takes the edge off by just having to meet strange new people over the Internet without having to go to a strange new place as well.

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Good luck!


Cheers! Looking forward to it and all I’ve got to do for the first 3 days is sit in my kitchen at my laptop anyway - its just that initial bit of unknown, innit?


Nah. Busy busy. :heart:

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Hello Sunday, my old dreads
I’ve come to talk with you agaids


Reeeeeaaallly want to hang out with friends :frowning:

Like I don’t get to do so as much as I like to sans pandemic but m8 the pandemic needs to shit off soon please


Dread poll time?

  • Woohoo! Monday! Can’t wait!
  • Yeah, I could do a Monday
  • Monday, more like MEHday, ammiright
  • MOANday actually
  • Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh nooooooooooooo

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