Sunday 7th January


Going out for turkish breakfast in a bit :muscle: not sure what to do later, might go see a Bergman film.

What yous up tos?


So hungover.
Wish I wouldn’t have drunk last night.


Going to buy a printer from PC World this morning.

Life is just a thrill a minute with me around.


I’m working late today (12ish-9). Might go out for breakfast, then count all the stock in the building when I get to work.


What sort of stuff do you get in a Turkish breakfast, EV?

Not much on today, going to go to my nan’s for a bit then come back and make poached eggs (I don’t remember the last time I made poached eggs, this could go very badly).


This is what we had last time :yum:


I don’t know what quite all of those things are but it looks delicious.


Had some ATDs over last night and Keith Floyd-ed the shit out of a massive dinner but was too drunk on red wine to be interested in eating by the time it was done. Feeling a little tender today as a result.

Might go and buy a donut and the NIN vinyl reissues.


Hungover after TV’s 30th bday party. Gonna do everyone a big fry up shortly


Hangover audit, then

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  • :scream:

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Bit hungover. Was supposed to go up to Birmingham to watch some indoor :field_hockey: but I’m still in bed…

Would like someone to cook me a nice breakfast please.


Drunkenly promised our friend’s son that I’d take him out for a razz in my car today.

Oh no



How come everyone’s hungover? Cos of Ant’s birthday?


Morning all. I am not hungover as I bailed on plans to meet an ATD for drinks so I could sleep instead. Recording really took it out of me.

Meeting the TV later on. Don’t know how this is going to go.


My Mam got a waffle iron for Christmas. Think this might increase the frequency of my visits :yum:


Have you seen Persona?
You should see Persona
I might watch Persona



@ericV You should definitely watch Persona.


Guys, I have seen Persona and I am going to see Persona.


Went on a bike ride yesterday and came up to a completely flooded road. Was gonna head back home and get a train instead, until some wild-haired fenman turned up in a landrover and offered me a lift through.

Was absolutely brilliant! Waves being pushed up in front of the car as the depth got up to over half a metre. Then got a bit scary as we rounded a ‘corner’ to the deepest part to see a submerged car (see below - not my drone footage!) and the water started pouring into the landrover from below abd the sides.

He was completely unphased though - got us to the other side, filming it all as he went. Refused payment from me. What a dude! 10/10 - would do again.

Im selling my bike for a landrover.


Fanny and Alexander’s a good winter film actually. Might watch that later.