Sunday // a thread

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Mornin. Going to the police station about our old landlord.

I’m very sleepy.

I wish you all a good day.

Omg a Hoogy daily thread.

BLESSED :innocent:

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Absolutely shitting it down with rain here.

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Absolutely chucking it down. Got a bottom of the table clash against foxwood this morning. Huge game

New stuff with them, or just follow up with the old stuff? Really hoping the latter for you, they’ve put you through more than enough!

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Almost posted this question but with ‘if its the former the landlord should get a life’ added

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Just bought National Trust Guess Who for eldest my niece for Xmas (2hand of eBay). (Just my Dad now to get now)

Gonna get up at 9, dunno after that. Washing up, read maybe, then hoover once it gets to an acceptable hour.

Quite looking forward to Chiefs v Dolphins later.

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Got nothing going on. Started work at 5. Here until 3. Cauliflower and potato masala for tea.

Urgh. Celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday a little too much by drinking an entire prosecco plus red wine.

MrS has just brought me tea and found my delicacy hilarious. (He doesn’t drink)



Giggy died :cry: fyi @anon19035908



Hello, can you all remind me tomorrow I’ve got a good idea for a thread. Obviously I’ll keep the intellectual property under wraps for now.

Got my last tour of the year this morning. Honestly haven’t missed working every weekend since covid made that impossible, not sure I want to go back to that again, 6 day weeks plus studying isn’t really my vibe, maaaan.


Morning all.

The girls have got a Brownies and Guides Zoom Christmas Sleepover at the moment. So they’re about to make breakfast for us: eggy bread, bacon and sausage. Supervising this sort of thing is always a hoot.

Not sure about the rest of the day. Their activities finish at 2pm so maybe time for a walk afterwards? I don’t know.


Same old shit, but finally a) being seen by the police for our statement and b) not being interviewed by a male identifying polo’s who have, at all steps, sympathised with our LL an our expense.

ALLAB (All landlords are bastards)

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Anglos a Sunday

Busy day by FL household standards. R has already worked on a few pages of his zine, got my aunt dropping something off so will have my first outside of family contact in over a week, planning on baking x2, putting some parcels together, keeping R occupied while the Spurs game is on so my brother can watch it in relative peace, oh R has a rescheduled video call with his dad if he can be kind enough to wake up in time on this occasion. Small-ish things, but lots of them. I feel tired writing it out, maybe I should just nap instead?

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Oh no! Can just imagine Ken’s sad little face :frowning:


Couple of my ATDs are being induced today so I’m fuckkng buzzing about that.




Already dreading work next week

Got some new feature being released next Friday but it’s buggy and has shit UX, gonna be under pressure

Mrs W has got a terrible dry cough; so we’re booked in for a family outing to a drive through test centre in Maidstone.

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