Sunday and all that

Alright? What are you up to today then eh? I’m off to work shortly, obviously, then home to make some kind of roast.


Morning funko. I’m in bed. Washed my sheets and duvet cover on Thursday and therefore it’s now my Palace.

No plans. It is Sunday right?

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Good morning funky!
Meeting my cousin for brunch later which will be nice. Need to go to the shop on my way home, have no fresh veg and I don’t wanna get scurvy. Really fancy a veg curry for dinner as well.
Think that’s all to report thus far.


Question for anyone who plucks their eyebrows, does doing it make you sneeze?

  • Yes
  • No?

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Morning funk, tilts, kerms

Was hoping for a lie in but can’t get back to sleep, nephew has messed up my sleep pattern.

Gonna get up and have coffee and some marmalade on toast. Read about vikings.

Probably watch the cricket later on and make plans to see some friends later in the week/next weekend.


Colds always feel worst first thing in the morning don’t they? Feel like this is middling stand up fodder that I would expect to be out there already.

Anyway I’m going to attempt a run with said cold. I would say it’ll kill me or cure me but I suspect it’ll just prove very difficult and make me feel like shit.

Does the question apply if someone else plucks them?

The other day I was wearing a mask and felt a sneeze coming on and I was trying to stop myself from sneezing (as thought it would be a snotty one), don’t really know what I did think I kept my mouth shut and when I sneezed it really hurt my throat (it wasn’t a snotty one). Been sore ever since.


Got my mam (and her dog) and my father in law (and his puppy) joining us (and our two dogs) for lunch in the garden. It might get excitable.


Not on eyebrowbook M9.

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Morning all :sun_with_face: looks like a sunny morning here in Oban. Going on a wildlife boat trip in a bit and then driving home to Glasgow. This weekend is the first time we’ve seen my bf’s dad since Christmas and it’s been so good :blush:


I can’t wait to see those faces



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Ooooft, I can picture exactly what you mean. Ouch! Hope it feels better soon, lots of hot drinks (hot squash?) for unlucky!

Will also take Roxy for a walk


Still no I think.

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Ugh full blown cold managed to develop between midday yesterday and last night, feel like traaaash

Have the option of a Peep Show pub quiz tonight but I think a bath and sleep might be better

Awful night, going to be at work until 9. Fuck off


Woken by the sound of Jessica working on a hairball hack up

Just having coffee in bed. No plans

If I didn’t know Jessica was a cat that would be a very concerning post :grin: