Sunday and all that


Got a truckload of work to do today.

Including and PLEASE HELP can anyone tell me the best way to to record myself doing an assembly and putting YouTube clips / slides into it. I can only think imovie which is going to take ages…
We have Google classroom if that helps :person_shrugging:

Haha radio 1 playing Biffy and Greg was talking about WAP.
When I saw my friend’s boyfriend the other night I mentioned all that cause he loves them too, and he asked the name of the ambiguous forum I post on so I said and he was like “oh yeah, I know it” and when I say my blood ran cold


Hi KW’s friend’s bf :wave:


Morning everyone. I’ve stupidly invited this guy I’ve been on a couple of dates with to my flat so I’m desperately trying to tidy ARGH


I just assume everyone one here understands my living arrangements

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We got woken about half six by seagulls on the roof. At least, we hope that’s what it was ; if not we’ve got poltergeists.

Since I was up early I went for a run, and now we’re watching Return of the Jedi, like you do before 9am on a Sunday.

Anyway, exciting news today is that we’re going to meet our kittens this morning!


Never name the forum, that’s rookie stuff.


It does make my nose water

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If you don’t post puppy pics I will never forgive you. Just FYI.

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Oh it’s a given - any opportunity to post in the dog thread.

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Had a morning so far of battles to get R to bathe and now I feel like it should be bedtime already it was so exhausting.

Think it is going to be a long day.

Would someone please toast and butter me a bagel and make me a coffee and a banana milkshake and deliver to me in bed.
I also fancy a sugary fizzy drink.
Will reward with kisses.


Seeing a good dog today and then going out for beers. Should be a gr8 day. First, coffee.


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:milk_glass: + :banana:

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Currently enjoying the beautiful irony of a bunch of trump supporters having to flee sinking ships after showing their support for trump

I don’t really know a proper way of doing it but you could record yourself in Zoom whilst sharing your PowerPoint screen.

The video comes in MP4 format.

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Slept about two hours last night due to stupid brain deciding to go into full-blown existential crisis mode between 2am and 6am.

Child one has surreptitiously tried to nick some of child two’s sweets resulting in them scattering all over the kitchen floor.

Wife has done her special trick for cleaning the kitchen bin: squirt bleach into it, throw it into the back garden, then wait for me to get so pissed off at the lack of a usable bin I end up scrubbing it down, drying it off and then bringing it back in.

Moan, moan, moan. Today can only get better, yeah? At least the coffee is good. Love you, coffee. :coffee:

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OBS is free screen capture software, you can arrange your webcam and browser etc on the screen and record

Takes a little bit of finagling

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My ex used to do this trick. If asked she would have claimed that she cleaned the bin



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