Sunday and that then

Wish @Gnometorious would wake up and start the sunday nosh thread.

What are you doing today? I, unsurprisingly, am going for a big bike. Gonna take snacks and everything.

  • Bib shorts
  • Bib tights

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Sorry for making you all think about cycling so early in the day


I had 3/4s on yesterday and was glad for it but tights would have been too much. Pissed it down halfway through my ride too which was nice but mudguards kept me nice and dry :wink:

I’m up early with a sleeping baby strapped to my chest. Need to go and buy some biscuits shortly as have guests later this morning.

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Cold relented a bit yesterday so could enjoy an afternoon with some gbod (great bunch of dissers). It’s back with a bang this morning though. Breakfast at my parents and pick the kids up before going back home.

But before that, enjoying a kid free early morning with a cuppa and Lucy Dacus’ newest album


@tilty pls give approx. temperature where you are so can answer the poll with certainty.

Trying to decide if should do the work for a meeting tomorrow morning or just say ‘yeah I’ve not had time to do it but will crack on with it today’

I’m already at Warner Bros Studios Harry Potter Land. It’s far too early for this bullshit.


Despite Harry Potter being a load of old shite, I found that place at least mildly interesting.

Up with the bairns. Baby TV is on and it is some trippy shit. Eldest is glued to some nonsense on the tablet - taking him swimming with a mate and his wee boy soonish though.

That’s good to know. I’m currently sat in the entrance hall mainlining black coffee in a bid to perk myself up for it.

Same. I am not one for kids magic nonsense but the whole behind the scenes stuff was interesting.


Up and had an hour of V talking at me in his ridiculously irritating roadman patter

Now making eggs

Got my niece’s birthday, driving kids to another party and then doing some work and making soup today.

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just another day of listening to the new 10 min version of All Too Well :broken_heart:


Morning all.

Smudge was sick yesterday afternoon, so today will be a day of keeping an eye on him to see if he keeps his food down and is OK.

Morning, thinking about going to the LP Cafe in Watford (record store/cafe as you might have guessed). Anyone ever been?

Pillow Queens were very good last night @JaguarPirate


Morning all. Off work now until the 29th, as I start a blissful period of three weeks on holiday out of four. This is the life.



I’m very hungover

I think I put in a 10/11 hour shift at the DISmeat yesterday :nauseated_face:


Just finished watching In My Skin so I’m feeling a bit emotional. It’s so fucking good


Feel better soon, Smudge!


Greetings from the foot of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain.

Congratulations to @plasticniki , @sine_wave , @daggers , @Funkhouser , @froglet , @anon29201599 , @avocado , @shinymcshine and @Witches for guessing correctly that Fort William was my destination.