Sunday and that

Alright? Finally slept for more than 5 hours which is good. Not got a huge amount to do today except waiting for the shopping to arrive and eating. What’s on today then?


Feel like shit. Gotta work. Gonna be fun :+1:


The day has not gone well so far.

Was woken up by the dog being sick at 2am, 4am and 7am. After the last one I decided to get up and make a loaf of bread. Only to find the flour full of weevils.

Got a double sausage and egg mcmuffin en route instead.

Not much planned, maybe take poorly paws for a little walk if he perks up a bit. Watch the football. Make dinner.

Have woken up in Mallorca :relaxed:
The old town up the road has a cracking market every Sunday, gonna swing by and pick up some amazing food. Then just gonna cut about the beach/bar etc :+1:
Currently havjng a very healthy breakfast, think it’s pretty much covers my quota of 5 fruits and veg for the next couple of days.


Thats a hell of a night out. did you fall asleep on the train?


Morning lovelies

Off to church then up to my mum and dad’s

Then it’s mad mountains of washing, work and cooking something good for dinner that contains plenty of veg.


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Just about to start on the roast prep. First up, yorkshire puds.

Already contemplating a nap though.


Oh dear, doesn’t even want his breakfast.

Poor babe.


Morning all

Got a bit of an admin-y day today - need to finish a couple of bits for work, do the online food order, sort a few bits out around the house. Probably go for a walk somewhere but without using the car as I’ve not got much petrol and I cba with the queues at the moment.

I’m actually boring myself typing this, so I apologise to the rest of you

Morning all!

Did pub for the first time in about a year last night and then walked an hour home.

I’m quite tired now but we’re up to take The Child swimming with her cousin.

Going for a carvery lunch and then driving back to Glasgow. We’ll need petrol at some point.

I haven’t had breakfast yet.

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Sat out drinking tea and watching the kid


I too will be at church today, needed to walk up 365 steps to get there right enough. Fuck me im out of shape :grimacing::laughing:


Mrs W and the kids are still away camping. I’m tempted to make a bowl of gravy, eat all of these, and then just claim that I didn’t make yorkshires when they get back.


Back home in Leeds and got the return from holiday work dreads.
Gonna go to northern monk and see if they’ve got any evil twin left when they open to take the dread edge off

Rode the sleeper train to hangover. Only took 7 hours.


Sounds like the Sale Of The Century.


Could really go a food, I reckon.

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Black Midi tonight! Yahoo!

Might watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy on Netflix when I’m having me big lunch (swapping meals around to accommodate for the gig - cooked meal as lunch, and beans on toast when I get in late for me dinner)