Sunday and that

House is a riot and no food in. Wife has gone to pick up naughty drive thru nonsense.

Started tidying the place over an hour ago and ended up rearranging a room we never really use, oh hark at us with our superfluous rooms - shut it, which feels half procrastination and half a waste of time. The rest of the house remains a riot while I have a sit down. Will need to go get bairns back after lunch.

A man on gumtree is meant to be coming to pick up some old junk at some point too.

My entire body aches and I can’t tell how much of it is the hangover or how much is from running


What was it of? He liked one of my wife’s a while ago too!

How did you go? You said you weren’t that prepared right?

I can’t wait to hear (and see!) what everyone’s eating today in the Sunday Dinner Thread :nerd_face:🥦 Sunday Dinner 26-09-2021 (breakfast and lunch too) 🥦

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Nice link.

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Ah yeah training had been a bit sporadic but still got 1:43 which I’m absolutely delighted with! Think I pushed myself a bit too hard though and am paying for it now. :weary:


Is there any worse way to travel than on Cross Country trains? Just got on one which was so crowded people were left on the platform.

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Waiting for a falafel melt wrap from
We Love Falafel . Got a can of coke too
Fairly hungover

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Really pleased I wore my dungarees, comfy

I want to go swimming

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They had been a bit better since Covid happened because although they are running less trains, there were a lot fewer passengers (and most trains have been double the length).

Off-peak/weekend/leisure travel is doing pretty well again now though, so I can imagine they’re back to being awful.

The seal colony in Godrevy in Cornwall. I got his “seal” of approval


They seemed to be running twice as many carriages on the line that goes down to Bournemouth, for a while at least, but this midlands one to Cardiff is ridiculous, 4 carriages packed out. Looked like it was the same going the other way.

Got to get on another one at Birmingham in a bit. Got reservations for some of the journey, but i’m pretty sure we have to changes seats at least once because i did the ol’ split tickets. Plus I hate asking people to move. Reservations are such a half arsed measure. Oh, also the reservation tickets on thw seat for this journey aren’t even for this train. Hate Cross Country so much.

Just started watching The Squid Game on netflix. One episode in and it’s like some South Korean version of the hunger games. Well good.


Oh yeah, the ones they run with the little trains are even more of a joke.

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That’s ace, congrats man

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Their trains always seem to cover massive stretches of the country using maybe only two or three carriages. Recipe for disaster.

(EDIT: you basically said that above)

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I hope so!