Sunday Angles

Morning all!

Any plans? We’re watching Andy and The Band in a lovely callback to the first lockdown.

I think I’m making saag tofu later. There’ll be pictures.


Morning keef

Working :roll_eyes:. No idea what’s for dinner. Got to book a visiting time to see my nan in hospital tomorrow. She’s fractured her hip and had to have a partial replacement. Got a friend coming to visit on Tuesday Nd can’t take him to the nice beer wanker pub as it’s all booked ip. Write off of a Sunday.


No plans today which is lovely (for now, but by early afternoon I’ll be all like let’s go somewhere or do something)

Going to make roast potatoes for dinner.

That’s it really.


I feel a bit rough so might need to do a Covid test. Hoping I’m just run down.

The pub in the village has a food truck coming later. They usually do Chinese food but today it’s Indian food. The people who run it used to have a curry house in Manchester so maybe it’ll be good? My plans include finding out later.

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Norovirus is a kicker, eh? According to my Fitbit I slept on and off from 5.30pm yesterday until 7.30am this morning. Thankfully I’m feeling a bit better today.

I might make myself a coffee and sit in the garden in the hope that improves matters

Going on holiday tomorrow so it’s a bit of a dead day here. Bit of packing. Might go to the playground. Buy sun cream. That kind of jazz

Just roast potatoes? I like your style


We’re going on holiday too.

Where are you going?

Oldest kid is going to her first proper birthday party today, she woke up at 6 too excited to go back to sleep. I will be taking the youngest into the nearest town to explore (and hopefully try the new burger place) until pick up time

Bf took me to Lina Stores last night for our anniversary. The last one before it starts at anniversary #1 again.

Not sure what to do today as I have tomorrow off too. Might try to go for a walk somewhere new?


Caravan park in Rhyl for 5 days then cottage in Anglesey for a 5 days.
Where bounce you hun?

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What acute thread title.

Alright? I’ve just cleaned the bathroom. Might go to the shop in a bit. That’s probably everything for today.


Currently doing a health and fitness challenge so need 10k+ steps again today. It’s easy at work but don’t really have anything to do today.
Luckily I’m not averse to the idea of walking a couple of miles and back to have a pint and a read in my favourite bar this afternoon

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I just put cherry jam in a warmed pain au chocolat and I think my day has peaked.


Meant to be meeting a friend in Cambridge for a couple of drinks. Could do with the weather being a bit less shit.

Gotta go out shopping and it’s raining

Cotton anniversary shouldn’t be allowed when your partner can make clothes.
I’m getting blown out of the water present wise this week.

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Enjoying your optimistic sun cream purchase for Wales. In August (take jumpers and wellies)

Cotton snake?

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Hey all,

Was going to start a new thread for this but it felt a wee bit self-indulgent. I dunno, maybe I still will but thought I would put something here first.

I’ve been thinking recently I would like to change careers again. Or at least lean back into what I was sort of doing(ish) before. I have no idea where to begin though and I’m terrified I’ll fuck things up and end up with no job.

Can anyone on here offer some guidance? Sorry I know I’ve been incredibly vague which is unhelpful.

Happy Sunday all!

We’re going to Ayr for the week.

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