Sunday Angles

Morning all!

We’re already on our way to Edinburgh for a dedication ceremony (christening?) and some Mothers’ Day food for Wor Lass.

Wor Lass enjoyed her homemade bouquet of flowers.

I got a word that was three letters longer than the longest common one on Wordiply just now.



At the MIL’s today after seeing mine yesterday. Full of a cold and would rather be in bed but that’s life.

Had a dream that Gordon Ramsay was a train ticket inspector on roller skates. My mate bought a ticket off him before getting on the train and after he handed it to my mate said “use your fucking brain!” and skated off. I then couldn’t find him to buy a ticket and started saying “where did he go the fucking twat? hate the c**t”. Harold Bishop then took off in some sort of flying contraption, did a 360 and lost his bearings, came crashing to the ground upside down, somehow didn’t break his neck.


Going to see :skull: :taxi: :four: :smiling_face: later

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Gonna clear out the basement and go to the tip. Also buying a car tomorrow so need to do a boring phone call with the bank. Boring Sunday - might buy some buns to cheer it up.

Good job ignoring my thread, you thread ignorers!


What’s goin on eh

Heading home to mums for her bday later today, think my present haul is a bit poor but got a few deliveries on the way to up the stakes

Probs just hang out, play some guitar, Yahtzee, find a suitable film

Death Cab and reading now, enjoying being cool enough still to be under a blanket but not at all uncomfortable or chilly


Whatcha think of Asphalt Meadows? Really into it tbh

I think we appeared at the same time - I just won the popular vote.

Enjoy your day!

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Not going to see me mam, because Mrs W has covid and I don’t want to risk passing it on.

Did see a pleasing duck / squid cloud while walking the dogs early doors, though

Two weeks till holiday - so I’m going to do some prep for that.



Was up pretty late last night, managed to sleep till about 9 which was good

Had a sausage bap, about to have coffee 2 then a shower

Was looking sunny earlier and I was looking forward to getting out for a mooch but it’s not so sunny now

Yeah I really like it too. I think they’ve leaned into a kind of… corniness in their later writing which works for me tbh

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Nice day yesterday. Made a bechamel and assembled a lasagna for dinner later. Takin the family to the pub for a couple of drinks around lunchtime. Should be good day. Kids are watching Incredibles 2 an I’m sat on the bottom of the stairs listening to a Midwest emo playlist


Yeah, it’s not my fav type of sound for them but it works real well when they embrace it fully

some of the albums before that sort of straddled a middle ground between this and the classic indie they did, and that just didn’t sit so well

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Wish I had an actual personality and interests like e.g. Jonathan Ross


Aw the flowers looked so cute @keith Not so much as a card here so big love to the mamas with no partner to enforce card making :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::revolving_hearts:

Got my drum lesson soon, but its 4 days before my period which are The Days of Tears so I’m already crying at how thoughtful the instructor’s been so far :sweat_smile:


did you hear about him shoplifting kitchen utensils?

he decided it was a whisk worth taking


Anglos a Sunday mothers!

Jimbo was at a sleepover last night, so we had the easiest start to a Sunday in living memory this morning. I made the missus breakfast in bed since Jimbo wasn’t around to make it, and in a bit I might chop up some foliage in the garden, then we’re probably going to head over to Seaford for some fresh sea air (well, fresher than the sea air here which is mixed with all the car / bus fumes)

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I have to reply to someone with a quote today and do some work. Cba at all.