Sunday Angles

Very tired from seeing my husbands family last night and going to be seeing mine today. My social battery is well and truly drained, which is why I’m still in bed.

Gonna go for a lil walk

Oh! My mistake. She has made me a tiny mushroom.

(And has started calling me by my surname)


Wife being treated to the best Mother’s Day gift of all……going to an u9 tennis tournament!!!1111. #coachoftheyear #LTAcoachinglegend #ohgodIhatewatchingtournaments

Was jetlagged so got up early and took the dog to the beach. Saw a barn owl as well, so that’s good. Nae bugger around, and a v low tide, so there was a lot of beach to mess around on.

Lazy day and a takeaway from the italian gaff for tea. Currently reading the paper, dog asleep on my legs, and Local Natives on the stereo.


I feel guilty about getting back to this person with a quote instead of just doing it for free

  • You should feel guilty
  • Your children need new shoes

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You know those bizarre unsolicited emails where they’re trying to sell a software service and they pitch and then send follow ups where they go

“Hi Rob

You still haven’t replied to any of my emails and to be honest I need an answer either way, please make sure to tell me if you’re interested”

Every time this has happened/gotten to the third or fourth weird email, I’ve sent a reply copy pasta asking if they’d like to hire me as a copywriting consultant to correct such a poor method of pitching clients.

Someone, after about 8 months of me doing this indiscriminately, has bitten. Zoom call tomorrow :smiley:


Sunday upgraded - we’re doing a tip run


Went round my squeezes to administer rollies and squeezes. Now wandered into town, taking a coffee down to the beach

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Gonna be funny in five years time when Harold Bishop turns back up in your dreams and can’t remember who he is

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Driving home from Sheffield :oncoming_automobile:

Brighton vs Grimsby at the AMEX then back home to make a nest for the rest of the day I think, until my partner gets back.

Solidarity to anyone for whom mother’s day is a source of sadness.


My mum just shared a picture of her mothers day cards in the extended family chat and I thought I was about to be publically shamed as the card and stamps I bought her on Friday remained on my friends living room table all weekend because I’m the worst and despite setting alarms etc to remind me I still forgot so there would be only 4 cards but then I looked properly and saw she’s thanked all five of us and… used the card I sent her last year for the picture :joy::pleading_face::heart:.


Can’t believe how much ordering flowers from independent florists costs. I’ve been well and truly detrousered. Could’ve grabbed a nice bunch from the foyer at LIDL for fifteen stripes.

Blimey it’s chilly in Seaford! Brrr!

I’m sure it wasn’t this cold when we left the house

I’ve sat through an entire pentecostal church service. I think I’ve gone through the full gamut from politely dismissive to Professor Richard Dawkins.

The toffee danish was better than the the hot dog I had last time I was at a church service.

Going for lunch now so I’ll probably have calmed down enough not to continue with my blasphemous diatribes.


Also @Scout how particular are you on your chai? I got given a load of boxes of tea from my india team last week. They’re all bags rather than loose tea, happy to send some your way if you’d like. Can provide pics if (a) that would help and (b) i can be arsed to get off the sofa

Bumped into an old work friend plus a kind of ex (anyone remember water bottle girl from the love life thread?) in the basketmakers . Seems I’m having a roast :yum:


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Hmm the bags arent usually quite the stuff i like as i tend to buy spice mix with black tea rather than black tea with a hint if spice.

Send me a pic though if you do de-sofa

Look at my dad when he was 16

(I’ve never seen a photo of him when he was young before!)