Sunday, anglos a

:wave: anglos a Sunday, DiS

Todayโ€™s theead comes with an optional emoji summary of your day! Mine:
:coffee: :red_car::house_with_garden::birthday::balloon::red_car::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Morning. The kids were up a lot in the night. Iโ€™m at the gym. Might do some soft play later and then try and crack on with sorting the house in prep for putting it on the market. Funday Sunday


Oh fuck it

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Also :wastebasket::red_car: (tip run)

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Morning all.

:croissant: :red_car: :musical_keyboard: :video_game: :sleeping:

Hope youโ€™re all well.

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Anglos! Canโ€™t find an emoji for working in a probably deadly quiet farm shop and playing Steve Wrightโ€™s Sunday Love Songs bingo with the butcher. Might have breakfast for dinner.

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:croissant: :coffee: :poop: :oncoming_automobile: :european_post_office: :sleeping_bed:

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:coffee: :bread: :open_book: :tv: :open_book: :sandwich: :sleeping: :pizza: :tv: :game_die: :sleeping:

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:mountain_snow: :fr: :minibus: :switzerland: :coffee: :open_book: :flight_departure: :sleeping: :flight_arrival: :uk: :bus: :house: :video_game: :tv: :sleeping_bed:

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Why is there no Scotland emoji

Feel bad for shouting at M in the night thinking she was just whining but then an hour later threw up spectacularly. Second stomach bug in 3 weeks. Yuck.

Hoping we donโ€™t have to leave the flat today, and my bank balance of -ยฃ0.70 would agree.

Too tired to emoji it up.

Feeling a touch delicate after the meat last night. Off to collect the kids in fifteen mins, then homework, Mario Kart and maybe a kick about.

Early night for all.


(Telly is broken)

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Iโ€™m going to get up in a min to make blueberry muffins which are now our Sunday morning staple

Then start mega clean/tidy/organise!

:rotating_light: bf is going to the dump :rotating_light:




Listening to 4 year old giving rendition of Last christmas where his voice gets increasingly angry and irate as it progresses until he is shouting very loudly. Kind of hypnotic


:coffee: :weight_lifting_man: :coffee: :shower: :coffee: :musical_keyboard: :musical_keyboard: :musical_keyboard: :shallow_pan_of_food: :sleeping_bed:



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