Sunday August 11 2019

hiya, happy sunday. yer boi prof’s been at the crabs (fish stew) and got food poisoning for the 2nd time this year! pray 4 me.



It is absolutely still yesterday



Cant sleep! Nowt much planned today, watch some football probs

Not looking forward to this evening :frowning:

Starting to think that you and sleep don’t get on…

Back to work tomorrow after a week in the Lake District (only 108 Wainwrights to go!) so I’m anticipating that today will mostly be wasted battling the fear.

Good luck with the appointment, @anon73286315- hopefully they’ll give you some half decent drugs, before they get the camera rolling for your close up.

Off to work. 10hrs today. Not windy down here though. Nice morning.

MOTD not on until 9am. WTF. Back to bed.

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Work in a bit. Properly cba.

GWS @profk and @anon73286315 :hugs:

Might go to a park/nature reserve type place later, might just save it for a weekday. If not… going to sit around twiddling my thumbs and getting bored.

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@profk right now


Oh no! :scream::expressionless: Feel better soon, m4!
I’m lying on a blow up mattress in my pants with no pillow while @Avery sleeps REALLY FUCKING LOUDLY next to me. I get it pal, you can breathe.

I really fancy ______

Night night x

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Morning all, last day in Cornwall, which means a five hour drive later, so that’ll be fun. Off to Falmouth again today for a wander round town and a pub lunch. Gonna try and squeeze a cream tea in too somehow.

Just remembered I was so excited about seeing @AQOS today that I booked tomorrow off!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Jealous :frowning:

Hope you all have an awesome time x

Basically just want to meet everyone.


I’m really annoying irl tbh imho :kissing_heart:

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One day I’ll get to a meat. One day.


Qué te recuperes pronto, profk!

Got woken up by one housemate at 4.19 and the other at 4.49 and I’m trying to work out who was which time.

But I’d love to meet you one day @anon89873996 :blush:

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I’m awake. Going to try to rectify this situation

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