Sunday August 15th

Yeah that makes sense. It was just surprising because my experience of French people in rural France is that they really strictly adhere to the ‘no noise late at night/on Sundays’ etc.

Oh man, I’d do anything for a hotel buffet breakfast.

Got a croissant

Are you sorry though. Are you really.

Just had oatiflakes, maybe the best of all the cereal flakes? (I know its a low category in the cereal world)

It’s trying to rain and I have washing out :weary:

Went for 10 minute lie down before my run and here we are 2 hours later. Will definitely run once the bairns are in bed later. Definitely.


Quick stop at Tebay.


FAO of @avocado my lavender in its full glory


Afternoon all!

We’re on our way to Wor Lass’s brother’s for lunch. It’ll be great but I can’t really be arsed and I sort of feel like she feels the same.

Was a very disappointing selection of train picnic materials in M+S at the station. Just ended up with the standard sandwich/crisps/drink. Ah well.

Happy anniversary, Mr and Mrs Thames!


I’ve had a bloody wonderful weekend!
The Brighton DiSers are all brilliant and very fun eggs @CillaCrack @grievoustim and @rob.orch thanks for hanging out with us!
Went out dancing for the first time in over 15 months :white_check_mark: :partying_face:
Made my little sister happy by going to a metal night where we screamed Linkin Park lyrics at each other :white_check_mark:
Fell off my chair onto my arse outside the pub :white_check_mark:
Made new friends :white_check_mark:
Ate pizza :white_check_mark:
Met a cute girl :white_check_mark:
Met a Giant African Land Snail named Nibbles :white_check_mark:
Left my leftovers I’d carried round with me all night, in someone’s fridge :white_check_mark:
Did shots of Tuaca :white_check_mark:
Boozed on the beach :white_check_mark:

Wish we were staying another night :sob:


I am a shadow of my former self. Bloody worth it though


It was a really fun couple of days. So knackered now. Im going wild camping tonight, hopefully the tiredness will make it easier for me to sleep :sleeping:


I wish I could have come out to play yesterday too, but if I had there’s no way on earth I could have got up at 3am and driven 300 miles this morning. Sounds like you rinsed Brighton for all it’s worth!

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We’ll be back for more Brighton fun soon, I’m sure :blush:
Ps. Hope you enjoy your holiday!


Is that Malmö castle?


Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred

Famously home of the original taxidermy fail

Someone recommend me somewhere good for dinner in York please. Struggling to decide where to go.