Sunday Aussie Mother's Day Morning

It’s nice weather here although had to do three loads of washing to do all my daughter’s sheets after her accident in the night.

This also meant not the best sleep for us.

Was playing Music on the Chromecast and discovered the Google Play app sneakily only plays music you’ve uploaded to your Google cloud. VLC cares not thankfully

Hi theo


Just woke up because I’m far too hot and there’s loads of fucking sirens going off. Still no water :expressionless:

How long have you had no water?

Since Saturday morning. It’s now 2.37am on Sunday

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Oh dear mate. Could be worse, you could be @Jeremys_Iron rn


Writing the longest post of all time


He’s passed out writing it


He’s that hammered, he’s trying to write one sentence, but having to delete all the extra letters he’s drunkenly putting in his post


Aww Theo happy oz ma’s day!

Hate to bring the tone down on this happiest of days your end but waiting for this Spanish cokey-cains to wear off so I can go to bed. Smoking on the balcony even though I shouldn’t listening to sound of silver out of my tinny phone.


I’m also ride leading at 7.50am so why the fuck am I wide awake ffs

400km yeah?

@rich-t, @plasticniki, @1101010

You know me so well :grinning:

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Nah, a baby 57km

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ill and was having weird,feverish flu like dreams where I start repeatedly thinking I’m cleaning or sorting stuff or having great ideas on how to sort things out and then I wake up and am shivering and just dreaming total garbage

it’s 'mercan mothers day tomorrow too. so all the restaurants are packed. dunno why folk are taking their mum out on the saturday night before but they are

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Maybe convention is a guy takes his own mum out on Saturday and then takes care of the kids all day on Sunday? Dunno, odd.

Or else it’s so you don’t have a hangover at work on Monday

I turned 40 about an hour ago. And I chose to listen to Dylan’s Shelter from the storm as the first track of my new decade.

I’m going now back to the party. I love you DiS you really mean so much to me! :kissing_heart:



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