Sunday - Big Winners

Morning all!

Woke up to a lovely email from the National Lottery telling me I’d won a prize. It was actually a ticket I bought in The Child’s name so she gets the megabucks.

Any plans?

I’m hoping to get away with a quiet day where I can do a couple of hours of work and a couple of hours of computer games.

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Morning :blush:

Just lying in bed with the sun shining on me, its nice. The cat is cuddling me and I’m extremely cosy. Going to make mushroom and avocado on toast but have to gather some rosemary from the garden and I’m not quite ready for that.

Out for dinner later but until then i guess I’ll be panicking about the weekend work I’ve not even attempted to start :grimacing:


Going to my twin nieces christening :slight_smile:

Managed to get Wardle in 3 guesses today


Starbucks or subway are the only breakfast options though…

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Last day in covid jail today. It’s of little consequence since you’re meant to have two negative tests on two consecutive days to be free, but I still had a faint line this morning anyway

So, plans not happening today are : going to see Brighton half marathon in the sunshine, picking up my order that’s ready from Resident, having an ice cream on the beach and enjoying a pint in a beer garden. Harrumph.

I’m the only one still in covid jail, so I’ve got some solo parenting this morning, then this afternoon they’re off to see Sing 2

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Am off to Westonbirt arboretum today to see my best friend. Not hungover somehow. Sun’s shining, I’m listening to Big Thief. Good morning imo. Shame its my last day of leave


My cat was big time snuggling me the other morning.

Purrs and fur(s)


12 days until I can hopefully put weight on my ankle again. NGNGNGNG

Do you think isolation has made you view your child-free time any differently?


I’m currently doomscrolling whilst laying in bed. Going to make a bacon sandwich soon. Not sure on my plans for today.


Feeling rough, rough, rough again this morning.

Good job I planned ahead and bought bacon, oatcakes and lucozade when I went shopping yesterday.

Once those have hopefully worked their magic, the dog will be going for a walk and then probably just have a(nother) rest day. Play some vidya, do a roast this afternoon.

Not really - I feel frustrated that it’s been wasted because I’m stuck in these four walls. I usually try and use my child free time productively, zipping around the shops or meeting people, but now it’s dead time


Been hanging out with this spindly lad

Going for a roast lunch soon and then an afternoon nap perhaps.


FFS. Oatcakes are mouldy.

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Fuck, that’s shit

Still testing positive, eighth day at home now and all the sunny days aren’t helping, at least when eunice and franklin were blowing about it made sense to stay indoors. Really want to go to the seaside for a wholesome day of coastal walks and homemade cakes in a cafe and taking a million photos. The last time I did that was in rye in october and it was a lovely day 10/10

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Solidarity like, as always. I’m making plans for my imminent freedom

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sorry for your loss.

Good luck! Had a very faint line on friday and was excited then a big fat line on saturday and was deflated, cba to even test today ill just try tomorrow

I had a faint line last night and I was CONVINCED I was going to be clear today, and with the rule changes about isolation not being enforced I was going to get some fresh air today. But then this morning I still had a line, albeit a fainter one. Bah.

When are you free again? You’re only a couple of days behind me aren’t you?

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