Sunday (chilly through my window)

Need more bed

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Hello tilty! Why up so early?

I’m up now because I have work today. Not alot though which is good because it is pouring down outside.

my throat hurts

Work work work

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Work work work

bed bed bed

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The dog and bairn have conspired to have me up earlier than I would like. I’ll have my revenge on the bairn by shoving him in nursery tomorrow.

I jest but genuinely a wee bit worried he’ll be devastated after having our sole attention for months and getting out of the nursery habit. I guess we’ll see.

The Child has been really happy since going back. We’ve had less tantrums and bedtime is much easier.


How old? Ours (just over 2) is itching to interact with all children. She’s going to love going back to nursery


@keith He’s two and a half. Used to love nursery and was no problem getting dropped off in the past so my worries are probably unfounded. Fingers crossed.

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Would also like more bed after a five something wake up again. Have been foiled from a morning nap by R’s dad postponing their park morning though.

Got a bunch of things that I could/should be doing, uncertain what will actually happen though other than one thing which is being saved for the Sunday Dinner Thread. Oh, and watching Rudy tonight at last.

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Morning. Awake but in bed, got some tea so that’s good.

Going to clean the house, read some books and watch some more Zac Efron travel show thing I guess today.

Morning all. Just found out Yodel have delivered a parcel yesterday while we were in to next door. Bit pissy because:

  1. We were in, might have been in the garden but, we have not had a card through the letter box.
  2. It was delivered to next door, who have not been round to give it us.

Parents are coming round to drop off our foot stool that they have borrowed and that is about it for today and its plans.

Always a bit torn about ragging on delivery drivers as it is their shit systems and draconian targets that they have, that causes many problems. Having said that, yodel are the fucking worst.

Yeah I’m normally not that fussed but, we used to have major issues with yodel at the old house which means I probably tar them all with the same brush and it’s more the not leaving a card I have an issue with plus neighbours who don’t go round. We try and get rid of any that are dropped off with us ASAP.

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Fun night of getting up every couple of hours to check the silly baby’s temperature interspersed by stress dreams about the baby’s temperature.

She’s not got covid at least so we’re not housebound again.


I have dreadful hangxiety after going to two pubs last night. It was super weird. Like everyone was sort of just acting normally but there was just something really off. Going to spend the next two weeks convinced I have the rona I think. Used half a bottle of sanitiser over about three hours so my hands look like lizard flesh. Urgh.

I would’ve said that the onus is on the owners of the parcel rather than the neighbour to be honest. I always assume that my neighbours will come and collect their parcel whenever they come home/ are ready. Their parcel, they can come and get it :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah I agree with this. I would always go and collect from my neighbours cos how do they know you’re gonna be in?


Only one way to find out

  • The onus is on a neighbour to take a parcel round
  • The person whose parcel it is is responsible for going to get it

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