Sunday Christmas Eve Thread 🎄

Morning folks,

Epimer disappeared so I have gone ahead with starting this thread anyway out of insomniac boredom.

A very merry Christmas Eve to you all, especially for those of you for whom this is your main celebration day. Also, solidarity to anyone who isn’t having a good time through the festive season - not long left and it’ll be all done!

I have been awake since 4am, too late to get back to sleep now. R has been up periodically coughing, but has not stirred once since I have been wide awake. He is out from 10am for his middle Christmas with his dad and grandpa, so I only have around four hours to get through then I can have a nap! :tada:

Anyone have any Christmas Eve traditions they are observing today? My main one is making the yule log, but I am feeling really lousy with this cold and my mum bought a back up ine so I will probably knock that on the head. For some reason this day it is a thing with me and my brother to play Mario Kart, should be able to fit in some of that with an album on in the background.

Apologies for the long OP, this isn’t very daily thread, is it?


Out on Stradbroke Island. Went diving this morning, sharks and manta rays galore. The roos here really don’t seem bothered by getting up close to them, so here are a couple of pics.

No traditions this year. Just gonna have a few BBQs tomorrow and spend the day on the beach. Lot less stressful.


How many hours until Christmas for you, ma0sm?

Also, may I ask if there is anything that makes a Christmas day BBQ distinct from others?

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It’s just coming up to 17:00.

Not sure what happened to the other picture, the joys of Australian internet. Uploaded again as it’s a family or roos and it’s adorable.

Our BBQ will be totally unChristmassy, we can’t be arsed this year so just gonna eat whatever we fancy. Ham is ‘the’ traditional meat here rather than turkey, which takes a bit of getting used to.

Just noticed from typing this that my hands are very sunburned. Oops.


Morning FL and m!
The in-laws collect weird santas on their travels. Check out this elongated fellow.

Going to sing some carols at a pub around lunch apparently.



Just getting the last bits ready for tomorrow. Daughter has a birthday party to go to this afternoon. Don’t really have any Christmas eve traditions. Last couple of years we’ve gone to the local cafe for lunch as they put on Christmas music and crackers, we’ll probably do that again. Just about to go out for a run :running_man:

Hope you manage to get a nap FL and enjoy Mario Kart :grinning:

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Morning all. This is the third Xmas since my mum died, so I am now just about getting the hang of making Xmas lunch all on my own. It’s busy and a little stressful but I like to do it to honour her, if that makes sense. So I am cheating slightly and prepping many things today. Brother and Dad have fallen out and not spoken in over a year, so that’s a massive pain as he won’t be round. But other brother is home which is great.

Often friends from back here go out on Xmas Eve. Yet to hear if this is happening. I always promise to myself I won’t drink too much and suffer the next day. But when I find myself downing shots at 2am on a dancefloor, well…


Sounds tough but that you’re doing everyone proud. Hope it’s enjoyable with the family who are with you.


Thanks. The first year I screwed the food up. And I was in tears as I missed her so much and simultaneously laughing about how my Mum would be pissing herself at my ineptitude.


This has made me well up!
I hope you have a lovely Xmas xx


I’ve been up since 6:30 AGAIN.
I’ve got a Christmas themed spin class at 10am then going to try to grab shit for Xmas day breakfast then I have to make a mushroom wellington and mince pies.


TV was pretty ill yesterday - proper flu-like symptoms. She bloody loves christmas, so I’m really hoping she feels better for tomorrow and also has not infected me. Cross your fingers for us, DiS.


Morning @anon89873996 @I_LIKE_CATS @Twinkletoes @meowington @ma0sm @PocketMouse @nemrac @imipolex and anyone else I’ve missed.

I’m still in bed! I had a big chat with the eldest last night (as she’s been really hyper and overstimulated and a bit edgy since we arrived here) and amazingly she’s a lot calmer this morning and seems to be playing nicely with her sister.

We’re off to a country park and then to a place called House Of Marbles for lunch. Apparently the marble runs there are really clever. It’s the kind of eccentric attraction that seems to be common round here.

Watching Santa Claus: The Movie (rubbish) and The Snowman (awww). Also the girls are decorating their Christmas present boxes :slight_smile:


Holy moly, this sounds incredible!


Morning, heading down to my sister’s in Bedfordshire today can’t wait to see my niece who I last saw when she was a month old and is now nearly 1. Hanging a bit from having some family over last night but the TV’s driving so I’m just gonna curl up in the front seat until we’re there. Level of racist chat from family last night was about 4/10 so it could have been worse I guess.

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Just googled it :open_mouth:



Ha okay, I’ll admit that there are some good bits.

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Morning all! Don’t know how I’m up this early, properly mystified. Have to pop to town to get a book for Dad before he collects me and whisks me away to Clonmel.

Going for lunch with Mam, my brother and my Nan later. Will hang out with Nan for a while afterwards, which will cheer her up no end. She’s been quite ill this year but she’s back in her own house for Christmas so she’s the happiest she’s been in ages.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in my local as well. Could get proper weepy later on, haven’t stopped to think about the year once and it’s a bit overwhelming now.

Oh, and I hope everyone’s Christmas Eve goes well! It’s a long day but we’ll get through it together!


Forgot that my mum loves my old Furby and has it around when she’s cleaning, just made the mistake of waking it up


Morning folks! Wishing you all a great Christmas eve!

I’m still in bed after going to sleep at 9:30 last night following a 6 hour drive. Today we’ll be going to see some aunts/uncles/cousins etc. Should be fine?

Christmas eve used to be all about the drinking but most of my old mates aren’t around so will probably just take it easy and have a couple of beers here instead. I’m alright with that tbh.

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