Sunday comes around so quickly

What’s going on today huns?

Just making my chai, crocheting a little in bed, daydreaming I’m in Alaska :bear::evergreen_tree:

Got to get on with a mystery/puzzle book we started to yesterday. Having loads of fun with it even though its for kids and pales in comparion to Usbourne Puzzle Adventures

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I’d like to hear more about the mystery puzzle book. Quite fancy solving a mystery.

It’s too easy imo and too wordy, if id never known an usbourne puzzle I’d be more inpressed but the kid loves it (very obvious who the villain is from the first timw they’re mentioned but that’s probably because im a super sleuth)


Oh and big hugs for anyone who doesn’t like today


Ooof childhood memory unlocked - trying to find a copy of the haunted house one online now!

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I still have them all :blush:

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Vv tired. Working until 11 and getting up multiple times in the night is pretty rubs. Working until 6.30 tonight which means I don’t really get to see the kids today. But hey, it’s my Thursday!

Off to the rents for Father’s Day shenanigans (ie - Chinese probably)

Thanks I’ll try and find the usbourne ones then, if they are the ones to beat!

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Gave my dad standard wine etc last night only for him to ask ‘so when is father’s Day?’

Off to my aunt’s for family party thing. Then will have to scrape a vague bit of work together for tomorrow.

Very mad about the the weather with the return to sunshine tomorrow. :person_shrugging:


Went out with my friend and some of her friends

At some point the Tuacca came into play. My friend took a bit of a turn, needed a cab home even though it was just up the road - she was sick in the cab at the moment we pulled up. £100! (She’ll pay me back)

Walked home this morning pushing my bike (no spare contact lenses) with her vom all over my shorts, thank goodness it was quiet

Just had a Maccies brekkie


Morning all

Doing a load of gardening and gardening-adjacent stuff today.

All these plants ready to put in, some other stuff to cut back and/or take out, trim the hedges round the front, etc, etc

Going to nip and see my dad for a little bit this afternoon once he’s finished work.


That’s a hell of a walk of shame. Hope yr mate is ok

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Yeah she seemed ok this morning - she’s embarrassed but we’ve all done similar


Yesterday my nephew run into the garden with bare feet whilst I was collecting some veg my dad had grown and he stomped right in a load of dog poo. As his aunt, I did what aunts do and run off as aunts do not deal in snot, poo, wee or sick.

Seeing my niece today who will not tread in poo.


Morning! :wave:

2 teas and 2 toasts down

Not sure what to do today. No plans.
Could go out for a couple of beers and noodles with my book or I could walk down to M&S and get some of that amazing (blatant Dishoom rip-off) black dal to cook at home.

Watching F1 qualifying highlights for the first time in years. Quite fun when it’s wet :cowboy_hat_face:

Going to watch Elton John tonight in Sunderland. Wedding anniv gift for the TV but quite looking forward to it myself.

Dogs need a walk, and i might play some fortnite n’all

Probably have a day off the internet/socials and immerse myself in electric wizards and etc

I’m always quite annoyed when you recommend things that are a little bit too old for The Child.

Because I would enjoy this loads although not Usborne loads, obviously

Its too old for her too (6) but she reallt enjoyed doing it together

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