Sunday comes around so quickly

Morning all!

I had a breakfast cooked for me and a card. It was nice.

Yesterday was quite a long day so I’m hoping we can all just chill a bit and not get too overexcited.

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The Child is (just) five. I might bookmark it until Xmas.

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Morning all,

Had a better night sleep with baby last night so feel better today.

Today is normally a tough one for me (cw - loss) as my Dad passed away in 2010 but as its Mr s_w’s first fathers day with F, its been nice to focus on that and do a card and gift for that.

Artisan market on in town today so will head down there a bit later this morning.

In laws for tea as was my bro in laws birthday yesterday.

Off out for a bike and a cake, then packing for glastonbury!

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Do you reckon Tim on Sunday Brunch dresses himself or a stylist advises him

Wears some bizarre outfits but maybe that’s because I’m so unfashionable

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Happy Dad’s Day to my Dad who firmly believes it was made up by card companies so I don’t have to get him anything.

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Gonna go to Croke Park to watch Westmeath v Offaly in the Gaelic football

got to go to the Manchester Day parade with sis & nieces, sigh. love struggling through huge crowds, me

they want me to get bubble tea with them, too, which is fine probably

Supposed to be going to Oxford to meet one of my closest friends whose visiting from Sheffield but both my legs are injured now so she offered to come here instead :two_hearts:

She was going to take me for pizza as an early birthday treat (because it’s my birthday soon, on the 27th June) but now I dunno what we’ll eat :thinking:
Time for a poll

I need to get out of bed and shower


What’s wrong with your legs?

I fell over again

Oh no, I hope you heal up quickly!

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:expressionless: hungover :expressionless:

Just a grazed knee, should be back to normal soon I hope. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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You and my brother are Birthday Buddies

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My enthusiasm for painting is beginning to go. It’s more fun when you’re painting with colour but painting white on slightly discoloured white is a wee bit B O R I N G.

Still feel really lucky that I can paint my walls after years of not being able to and desperately wanting to. So that is good. I just wish I was taller.

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I keep misreading this



do you wish you were a baller?


I wish I had a roller.
I wish I had a stepladder and a tray and a Pantone sampler.