Sunday day thread


I know it is Sunday, but c’mon guys, it is pretty late to not have the daily thread even considering.

I have been up for three hours already. NTR here, but please regale me with tales of delicious breakfasts so I can feel jealous/hungry.


Should not have had that much to drink yesterday. Sleepy now


Managed to not drink too much at the beer festival so feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Really want to go out for breakfast but will probably settle for porridge and coffee.

Got nothing to do all day.


Morning! Have to have eyedrops every hour for 48 hours so last night was fun :weary: feel good though because I can nap whenever I want during the day as it won’t ruin my sleep, as long as the naps are less than an hour a time


My new flat is very very cold :tired_face:


Morning. What does NTR mean? I’ve just eaten my bowl of weetabix, so I can’t take any photos of it, unfortunately.

Feeling a bit sleepy this morning having got back from a gig late, but Big Lad were worth staying out for.

Today’s plan is to finish insulating and boarding out the loft. I’ll be glad when this is all done - it’s taken much longer than I expected, largely due to the previous owners (and the owners before them), leaving 50 years of crap up there and not clearing it out when they left.


Good luck with your hourly eye drops JB, I hope the lack of extended sleep doesn’t get too gruelling :crossed_fingers:


Nothing to report.

Anything interesting in the 50 years worth of loft contents, or just total rubbish?


morning all

I toyed with the idea of getting up really early and being really productive, but when I woke up I decided to just go back to sleep again. glad that I did as I was rewarded with an ace dream involving zombies, attempting to steal a space shuttle to escape to the moon, and a sword fighting Yoshi. 10/10, would dream again.

no idea about breakfast, doubt it’ll be exciting though.


Just spent a few hours touring round Pune.

Here’s me and my buddy


Morning all.

Got a decent night’s sleep for the first time since Tuesday, and my nose is no longer alternating between blocked and streaming, so feeling a damn sight better about the world.

Waiting to hear back if the “let’s be friends” date is still wanting to do coffee, cake and a game of Honshu. I do need to go out and get some food in.

Really feel for you @jazzballet as this

Sounds like a pretty decent working definition of torture.


Have you got a onesie?


And the view from my room :ok_hand:


Had a fun trip to a&e last night as the tv got glass in his foot :confused: only took an hour though! Just woke up but I’ll probably nap a bit more before going to the meat. Yay!


Morning all!

Weetabix, blueberries and coffee for breakfast.

No plans today and only minor bits of optional homework to do for tomorrow. Might watch films later.

I’m making some kind of slow cooker pork/ beans/ chilli creation for this evening.


:coffee::bread: :coffee: :shower: :coffee: :desktop_computer: :burrito: :beers: :rugby_football: :beers: :beers: :spaghetti: :sleeping:


Ah, that makes sense.

There were broken up bits of cheap MFI furniture, old curtains and sheets, and a box containing the smashed up remnants of an old chemistry set and electronics kit from the late 1960s. Nothing of any value.

Oh, and dust, builder’s rubble and straw that the previous owners had just thrown a thin layer of insulation over. I’ve brought down eight sacks of it.


That sounds awful. Hope the eye drops do the trick

@ghostpony ouch! Hope he’s ok now


morning. slept in til 9:30 :open_mouth: pancakes for brekko :yum: dunno what i’m gonna do today :thinking: might go see the new PTA film. :film_projector:


7 hours in the car awaits, not even the prospect of a stop at Tebay can lift my spirits. Going to go for a walk round the loch first then some leftover Chinese.