Sunday day thread

Good Sunday to you.

Woken up at 5:30am by some kids (mine)
Off into central London later and weather looks awful.

Am hanging.


May your Sunday be free from dread


but were you though? who knows what the actual time is now


I am unwell so I’ll be watching a couple of Ghibli films, having food brought to me and watching the nfl all evening

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Oh yeah, clocks went back…so I’ve actually had an extra hour! Wow I feel so refreshed!

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We changed Jimbo’s clocks after he was asleep last night, so he did stay in his room until 7, giving us the extra hour with the clocks changing. First year that’s happened.

No plans for today, other than eating sweets that we’ve bought for trick or treaters.


Need to put oven clocks on the IoT so they change on there own

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Sounds horrible outside


Clocks go baaaaaaack, railway traaaaaacks.


Happy Halloween, ghouls and goblins. Going to catch up on my 31 Days of Horror and not much else.


Happy Halloween pals, got woken up by the sound of Fawley power plant being demolished about two miles away and was convinced / relieved it was the end of days.

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary so we’re dumping the kid at my mums later and going out for beer, tacos and a pop punk show. Wife had this very on brand piece of art commissioned as my present which I’m thrilled with.

Have a spooky day m8s.


Hello, it’s pelting down here. Gonna try to go back to sleep and then we’re shutting down the caravan. Excited to get home and play Slay the Spire tbh

This is so great! Happy wedding anniversary!

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it’s halloween and it’s clock day and yet IOS decided to go with ‘sunday day thread’ for a thread title smh


I’ve climbed back in bed with a cup of tea as it’s so horrible outside. Planning on going for a walk later, then having a roast dinner. I have some work to do today too.

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Morning all

Minging weather here too.

Was up to half 1 last night comforting Smudge after the local firework dipshits had him climbing the walls. Feel like death now, through what I think is a combo of a cold, stress and lack of sleep.

Cancelling all plans fir the day and just going to hunker down.


The weather is a perfect pairing with my hangover.

I need to pull myself together - we’ve got people coming around for lunch.

Was going to go for a bike but the weather is absolute wank.

Might play Disco Elysium all day instead.

Morning all.

On the upside, we got a lie-in til 7am new time without either cheekster waking us. On the downside, it’s pissing it down and I done have enough eggs for toad in the hole so I need to pop to the shop.

Hey up.

Got a headache.

Making an omelette

Got to finish dome work, play Mario kart and hopefully have an afternoon nap.

Suggested pie for dinner but it hasn’t been roundly welcomed. :person_shrugging: