Sunday day thread

Morning all!

I had a nice lie in.

We’re clearing through a load of The Child’s toys to clear some space for her Xmas windfall. We’re doing clothes later if Wor Lass retains her relentless modernising spirit.

I’m going to the supermarket today to buy the items needed to make roast beef.

Fucking hell looks like the end of the world outside

Currently having a little breakfast in hotel bed. Want to hide here tbh

How long are you housebound for?

I was awake when the clocks changed. So confused for a second.

Weather looks better this afternoon. A friend was meant to be visiting us but he’s bailed, so no plans here.

Morgen. Lying in bed. Rain on my window.

Will make crumpets bacon and egg soon. Soon.

Morning. It was absolutely belting down when I woke up, but that’s now stopped and the sun’s out. Might get out for a walk around the park or something after all. Need to pop to the Co-op for a few bits first, though.

Was invited to a couple of parties last night but stayed in - I was out Friday night, had maybe 6 drinks and was hungover all of yesterday. i knew if I went out again I’d still be feeling it Monday which isn’t good as I start my new job then. I guess this is growing up/being boring.

Gonna have a relaxed AF day today - do some chores round the flat, play video games and make a nice dinner :grinning:


gonna go hang out with ma wee niece for a bit.


Greta Thunberg said “pissed off” on Marr interview. Not even ten in the morning. What’s Ofcom’s number? Not having this.

(love her really)

Lads - I think the rain might have stopped!

Spoke too soon. It’s pissing it down again

Rain’s gone (for now), wind’s died down (for now), blue skies (for now). Landlady is popping round in half hour or so. Already got a slow cooker casserole on the go. Meant to be meeting a mate for a park date later, but not sure if this is still going ahead

Just been sitting here watching Sunday Brunch for about ten minutes and rubbing my eyes thinking they were still bleary from waking up. Realised I had it on SD instead of HD.

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Cqn I have seconds.

Also for anyone who ever doubted the egg in water trick, today for the first time ever one floated. Not a ‘hmm might it rise after a minute’ just full on didn’t even sink…


Biblical rain here. Taking the silly toddler to the cinema for the first time to see Wall-E.

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No rain here, just loads of fucking wind. Gonna go out for a walk in it I think.

I’m scared of the wind, had to have a big glass of wine to calm down

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gonna destroy everything!