Sunday Daydream Thread


Say that someone could make it happen that all your normal responsibilities are totally taken care of for the next week, and you are free to do whatever you want and it is all paid for - what would you choose to do?

I would get some walking boots and go to a little cottage somewhere hilly/mountainous for the week. Have the place fully stocked with food and anything I would need and try to have almost no interaction with people aside from R joining me for the last day or two.

Fantasise away folks, let’s hear what you would do with your free week.


Intensive Netrunner practice.


Probably go back to Yosemite, climb El Capitan. Do some other walks.


Just at home, or would you set up a training camp somewhere for optimum practice conditions?


Training camp on the moon. Minimum distractions. Also no nerds in my house.


Well, no more than usual.


Assuming the weather was good and I have the knowledge to/skill to sail a boat I’d go sailing up the west coast of Scotland and visit as many islands as I could and do some walking. Or, I’d go somewhere like Lake Como and just chill out and eat some gelato.




Okay, lets imagine I was fully capable of all DIY. I’d build/paint/decorate myself my ultimate home.


what a lovely idea for a thread!


I’d like to go camping maybe with a good friend and my nylon string guitar.


This is a wicked fun idea for a thread (though I have a tendency to daydream conversations with people I miss, cause I’m a Cap’n Bringdown who’s on the way to making Admiral).

With this sun, I kind of wish I was near a beach. Not in the traditional sense (please refer again to my military ranking above) of having larks in the sand, but near one of them proper rocky beaches with all wicked cliffs. Seagulls making their noises.


Ooh, I’d love to go camping. Haven’t done so in ages.


yeah it’s been years for me. I expect my back wouldn’t enjoy it much these days. Still, cooking stuff on an open fire and reminiscing is one of the best things in life


Week long crash course on something cool like skateboarding or pottery


probably go to India to watch the end of the IPL and eat my weight in lentil curry and drink tea.

camping sounds good tho, I wish my friends were into camping. I can make an excellent fire.


I’d ride my bike as far as I could in 3 days and then turn back again


alright ricky ross

Thread for jokes you knew people were going to make (rolling)

money no object I’d become the first person to climb olympus mons


alright @plasticniki