🥦 Sunday Dinner 02-01-2022 🥦 + Bank Holiday Monday 🍫

Greetings dear friends!

What’s for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, tea and snacks today?

:camera_flash: Very enthusiastically encouraged :blush:

Wishing you all a delicious day and a year full of tasty and nourishing food :confetti_ball:



Crumpets for breakfast, got some egg & bacon sandwich filler to fill a sandwich with for lunch, then making pork tacos for tea. Need to get out of bed first though.

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I have had an English breakfast muffin with butter and raspberry conserve :strawberry: (I know that’s a strawberry, it’s called artistic license, tyvm)

Hoping someone will make us a pot of coffee soon :coffee:


Looking forward to seeing what @Lo-Pan cooks for/with his new beau :relaxed:


Hehe :kissing_closed_eyes:

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3 weetabix and a lemon ginger tea then coffee

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Second breakfast of scrambled egg with parmesan made by my bff, also on our 2nd pot of coffee :coffee:


Cooked some brisket low and slow yesterday, was fucking dynamite. Loaded so much smoky chipotle goodness into it.
I’ll probably be making some lunch with it as well :grinning:


Pastrami and brie with rocket, mini cucumber, sun dried tomatoes, mustard and a pickled onion.


Had toast for brekko.

Think I’m about to do some cheese and biscuits for lunch.

Frozen pizza and garlic bread for dinner.

Not sure anything will be worth photographing tbh

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That scrambled egg looks :ok_hand:

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That looks so good! :hot_pepper:
Haven’t cooked a brisket for a long while… used to make chilli brisket on the regular, might have to treat ourselves soon :yum:

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I had a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel for breakfast.

I’m having a Birdseye Southern Fried chicken portion and apple for my lunch.

Tea might be an air fryer stir fry.

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Have you seen the plates I share in this thread? As much as I love seeing the works of art of the likes of @Lo-Pan, @Hostile_17 @colon_closed_bracket and etc etc I also have a great fondness for the basic, the messy, the badly lit and the shit I forgot to take a picture! half eaten plates of food - pictures :heart_eyes:


I received some fancy loose leaf tea for Xmas so I’m trying some of that.

Leftover pizza for lunch.

Dinner is chilli if the avocados in the online shop turn up and are #RipeAndReady

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Toast with Marmite and a banana for breakfast

Cheese and biscuits for lunch

Think we’re going posh pasta, pesto, olives, haloumi and garlic bread for dinner.


Here then…

Multiple cheeses and biscuits and doritos and a bit of leftover roast chicken


Craving vaguely healthy food for some reason :man_shrugging:


Works of art? I had a cheese and tomato toastie for lunch :sweat_smile:


Had machine coffee and left over Chinese for brek

No idea about dinner - wanted a roast but looks unlikely. We have red pepper mushrooms sun dried tomatoes so maybe some (not so) healthy pasta dish? (in comparison to what we have been consuming the past week)

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