🥦 Sunday Dinner 02-01-2022 🥦 + Bank Holiday Monday 🍫

Gorgeous :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

I’ll be eating this chilli for the next few days :grinning:


What’s it all atop?

Fried egg, fresh chilli and coriander. :yum:

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I can see that :laughing: I meant what’s it sat on? Sourdough?

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Ahaha yeah that makes more sense. :grinning:
Yeah some toasted sourdough

  • I’m eating like it’s Saturday today and I’ll be eating like it’s Sunday tomorrow
  • I’m eating like it’s Sunday today and tomorrow
  • I just eat whatever whenever

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Making my favourite curry recipe, from dishoom

It takes so long and is just a butter chicken really, but is worth it

Mine never looks like the picture though, and I don’t add all the sugar and honey

Also making onion bhajis I’ll do a photo of them later


Deliberately eating Saturday food today so that the period 1-3 January doesn’t feel like three consecutive Sundays


Looking forward to seeing these :blush:
I need to try some Dishoom recipes!

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Oops - this is the sauce that has all the sugar in it

And just the half pint of oil and butter (I don’t use that much!)

Best sauce ever though


Ah I love the Dishoom cookbook. Recipes are so lengthy but definitely worth it

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The entire period between 1-4th January this year feels like/ is Sunday to me.

We had a steak pie yesterday (which is a Sunday meal) but pasta bake today (not a Sunday meal but we have limited facilities at present) so probably a Dunno from me.


Bacon Pitta breads with avocado for lunch. No pics as we were all starving and just munched them up

Not sure re dinner? I have some poached salmon but :man_shrugging:


Aww looks like you’re all having a happy day :blush:
Please tell your friend they have great hair!

Keep us updated!


We were going to have some leftover cauliflower cheese from the freezer but got home and discovered we’ve already eaten it :upside_down_face:

Instead, we’re cooking up some party food mini pies we bought for our thwarted drinks n nibbles last Monday, making parmentier potatoes, roast carrots and streamed green veg to go with :potato::carrot:

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:pizza: :fries:


Bit of the old pasta bake.


Dips n sauces of choice in the ccb household? I’d have some coleslaw with that and iirc you often do? :blush:

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Yep! We have coleslaw, ketchup and mayo, plus s&v for the chips. Fairly simple condiment tastes!

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