🥞 Sunday Dinner 03-04-2022 🥞

They don’t do the halloumi mushroom pitas anymore

I’m going for a roast at the pub! Hope we can get cauliflower cheese on the side


Big pork pie, cheesy crumpets and crisps for lunch. Making garlic & chilli roast chicken later with potato salad. Too sad to get appropriately excited by it though.


Like for the nice food not the sadness :heart:

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Don’t need lunch, as such, so going to try a hot cross bun with some of this on as an afternoon snack.

Gonna do broccoli and leek cheese or something along those lines for dinner.

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Leftover chorizo and bean stew (shakshuka without the eggs) with added spinach.

Half of a leftover naan and toast for dipping.

I had more apple cake for dessert.


Yes :+1:

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Ignore the absolute state of my kitchen, I have cleaned it now promise.
Making a mushroom and spinach ravioli lasagne thing, and it’s really pleased me how well they fit in my dish


That is a genius idea! Are all the layers going to be ravioli?

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Just a shame you’ve ruined it with mushrooms :wink:


Yeah! So layered like a normal lasagne with sauce and bechemel but instead of lasagne sheets it’s ravioli!

Oooh very excited.

:smiley: I knew you’d say that!


That looks bloody banging :yum::yum::yum::yum:

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Thank you! :blush:

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Going in pretty blind today. Have blended aubs and mushrooms and going to mix in miso paste, dijon and soy. Then going to stick it in the oven to get the moisture out and maybe use it along with lentils as the base for some sort of pasta or cottage pie thing

  • Ragu pasta thing
  • Cottage pie thing
  • This sounds like an abomination

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kind of sounds like some sort of arts n crafts thing.

there’s a ‘joke’ to be made here, please, my brother in christ, do not attempt it.


Going to turn it into a slightly tweaked version of this

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Think it’s going to be steak, padron peppers and sourdough bread with oil and balsamic for dinner…

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Had some spuds to use and a pack of bacon in the fridge so the ‘broccoli and leek cheese’ has evolved into something slightly different. Almost like a tartiflette with broccoli on the top.

All prepared. Ready for the oven in a little while.