🍦 Sunday Dinner 03-07-22 🍦

Hello food fans!

What’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea?



Off for breakfast to a fancy breakfast place right now

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Breakfast was coffee and chocolate buttons cause im off out for big pub lunch. Definitely not already been studying the menu…:thinking: Will take snaps!

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Cereal, coffee, this


Had a cream cheese bagel for brekkodes

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Just reheated these chips with chilli sauce in the oven

This is about three quarters of a small portion


Is this the before or after?

This is after the reheating but before the eating (mostly)

I also had some last night but not many. Portion was literally like a large.

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Breakfast was two croissants (one with brie one with mature chedds) and a black coffee


Need one sweet and one savoury, Shirley

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I’m more of a starter/main than a main/pudding type of guy

Starter/pudding gang :facepunch:

Can you believe I’ve never had a savoury croissant

  • I can
  • I can’t believe!

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Butter croissant with butter spread on the outside is the best way to eat them

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The flat base is begging to be buttered up :butter: :fork_and_knife:

Making rostis is hard

that sounds a little strange but I also don’t really like tinned tuna so am not your audience

(my mummy used to make me tortillas, rolled up and sliced into little spirals, because I didn’t like normal sandwiches. yours sounds better)


That reminds me we need to buy milk chocolate hob nobs @Avery