🐰 Sunday Dinner 04-04-2021🐰

Happy Easter/Bank Holiday Sunday!

What’s on the menu today?

We’re having hot cross buns and banana smoothies for breakfast.

Still not decided what to make for the picnic in the park with our friends, later :grimacing:


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Mums cooking a full roast including a giant leg of lamb :yum::drooling_face:


Hi! Had a misery piece of toast and a manky banana for breakfast as it had to be rushed due to V putting open milk on its side in the fridge and the ensuing milkgate nonsense.

Lunch…no clue but may well eat it al fresco

Vegie roast for dinner later. Got some kiev, roast potato, carrots and broccoli, stuffing and a Yorkshire. Brownies for pudding…with custard or cream.


Breakfast - bacon and egg sandwich; coffee.

Snack - half of HXB doughnut; coffee

Lunch - sugar coma probably

Tea - lamb raan with some extra veg and naan bread.

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My good lady and I are having some pa amb oli for breakfast/lunch. With some cheese and meats and maybe even some fries :thinking:

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Breakfast: 2 x M&S PK HXB
Snack: Sweet Scotch egg thing
Lunch: ??? Going out for a potter so maybe pick something up
Tea: ??? Feel like i need some veg so maybe make something or defrost something boring

Yesterday was the exciting food day of the weekend.

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I am such a plum


At the rents so will be having a cooked dinner

Lunch: 1x salami & philly sandwich, 1x s&v crisps, 1x scotch egg, 1x raspberry jam flapjack

Dinner: big ol’ roast beef

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This was a nice wee taste of Spain for a Sunday morn :relaxed:


Here is our attempt:

Had a minor disaster when realising we only had 2 yorkshire puddings (the best bit). This also included veggie lincolnshire sausages, veggie port gravy, steamed greens, roast potatoes, and roast veg. It’s the first time I’ve eaten parsnips in like 20 years - I once thought they were chips and took a bite, making me forever horrified. Turns out they are okay (but not as good as chips).


Those tomato breads look so good :yum:



Will probs make a pesto and have it with some pasta, asparagus and gazza b.

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Ashamed of how long it took me to work out what gazza b is.


It’s going to be a ready made one unfortunately because we ate all the ciabatta with picky bits for lunch

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Breakfast - white Choc Coco pops (rubbish) and a chili and cheese hot x bun
Lunch - hot dogs
Dinner - roast pork with etc, etc.

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Brunch - pringles, apple, coffee
Dinner - Slow roast lamb shoulder, roasties, cheesy leeks.
Dessert - Lemon meringue pie

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Posting so I remember to post a photo when it’s done. Cooking one of my all time faves tonight, kind of a Greek variation on roast chicken.

I’ve just eaten, but all these photos are making me ravenous.