🍲 Sunday Dinner 05-09-2021 🍲

Greetings, food fans,

What are you eating today?

Don’t forget to take pictures :blush:



Breakfast: PB&J
Lunch: β€˜Spanish style’ seitan sandwiches
Tea: Thinking japanese takeaway, Pumpkin Katsu and a bit of sushi

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Hurts to swallow :cry:

Breakfast: small bowl of shreddies
Post-run breakfast II: very old bread roll with brie and cranberry
Going out for some sort of roast lunch with my partner’s folks in a bit.
Picky bits for tea? Dunno


Thinly veiled β€˜I went for a run this morning’ :roll_eyes::wink:

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I don’t see myself getting out of bed today.

Bloody love picky bits, I do.

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Had some breakfast for breakfast, a spot of breakfast pudding for breakfadt oudding and am excited to find out what the day has in store.

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Oh you’ve already had your breakfast pudding, have you? No ice cream for you then.

What shall I have?

  • Mint cornetto
  • Mint Magnum
  • Do we have any Ben and Jerrys?

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Morning! :innocent::innocent:


Breakfast pudding, yes, but not breakfast pudding pudding.

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Had 4 slices of buttered toast at 5am. Reckon I’ll have a couple of crumpets of something for lunch and I want a massive bowl of roasted veg and gravy for dinner. My wife wants ginger noodley tea, but I might veto that for later on in the week


You’re a crumpet

Might get some nuggz

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Had a lovely bit of shaksuka for breakfast. Not sure about lunch or dinner yet. Some street food probably


How rude

Gonna have some crumpets with marmite & cheese for lunch. Dinner is garlic & chilli roast chicken with homemade spicy potato & egg salad.


It’s a compliment! Crumpets are delightful :blush:

In fact I might fry up some halloumi and chuck it into the sweet potato vindaloo I have left over from the other night.

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Breakfast was a couple of Weetabix.

Having a little Omlette for lunch.

Making chicken, ham and leek pie for dinner

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