🥬 Sunday Dinner 06-08-2020 🥬

Hello, friends!

I’m hungry and I’m nosey.

What are you having for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, tea, supper and snacks?


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I fancy macaroni cheese, pizza, roast and curry leftovers (think we’re saving those for tomorrow, though) had a pub roast last Sunday so should really have something different.
Need to expand our culinary horizons a bit :thinking:

Quite fancy some nice coffee and a cake for breakfast, might have a banana and go for a long walk, destination cake and coffee

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mac and cheese pizza. with loads of breadcrumbs.


Got family coming over for lunch. I’m doing cauliflower cheese spaghetti, with homemade garlic flatbreads; followed by a biscoff cheesecake.


What time are you serving and what’s your address? :wink:

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Just had a croissant. Whatever sandwich is in the cafe takeaway fridge for lunch, or maybe a pasty, and probably stuffing-crusted pork steaks, roast potatoes and green beans for tea.



Cheese omelette for breakfast
Mushroom pate and toast / salad lunch

Dinner I am pondering a pie. Vegetable or maybe cheese and potato.


Had kind of forgot it was Sunday, was planning a pretty basic pasta, might need to up my game.

I encourage you to up your game. As you say, it is Sunday. A day to celebrate with very good food imo.

Dinner for me will be Pancetta Carbonara and a parmesan and garlic ‘wheel’ from Marks and Spencer.

Followed up by cheese if I’m still peckish.


Was planning on using ingredients already in parents house but guess going the shops would be a nice little outing.

Sesame bagel for breakfast



Working later so making desk-salad for lunch and I have desk-bolognese in the office fridge for dinner


Needs more bacon imho

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Roll and square sausage shortly. Dunno about dinner yet, I usually choose based on best before dates.

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About to have a chicken kiev.

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Got a leek and cheese pastie for lunch.

Roast chicken and butternut squash when I get home.

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I’ve never had a leek and cheese pastie but I would very much like to. Did you make it? If not, where did you get it from?

Macaroni cheese it is.

Oooh and add

  • Chopped red onion
  • Thinly sliced leeks

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