๐Ÿฅ‘ Sunday Dinner 06-12-2020 ๐Ÿฅ‘

Good morning, friends!

Whatโ€™s for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, tea and supper?


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Weโ€™re having leftover pizza and pasta for breakfast. The pasta was a little bland so Iโ€™m going to tip it into a small baking tray and stir some smoked paprika and herbs in there, maybe a bit of chopped garlic, add a splash of Worcester sauce and perhaps a bit of milk to make it a bit creamy, then cover it in cheddar and parmesan and bake! Does that sound good?

  • Yes, that sounds great, you smart young gnome
  • That sounds awful, what are you thinking!
  • Mostly sounds good but Iโ€™m unsure about one of the ingredients / I think you should add (please expand)

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Chocolate Birthday Cake for breakfast pudding
Guacamole and tortilla chips for snack cos weโ€™ve got an avocado kicking around the fridge
Dinner ???

  • Just tortilla chips n guacamole
  • Make some pico de gallo, then in a baking tray, layer up the tchips with the pico and grated cheese. Nachos and guac!

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Foolishly detailed my breakfast in the daily thread, but it was spiced pear porridge and was very good. Also had some excellent raspberries.

Might make some squashage rolls if I can be bothered with all the chopping, more realistically that will happen tomorrow and dinner will be something from the freezer with mash and veg.

Thinking maybe cheese on toast for tea.


This is the most irrelevant poll in the history of polls

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Kids have had a little bit of cereal. Iโ€™m making some porridge for me and L and the kids might have a bit.

Not sure for lunch, just something light and snacky I think.

Tea weโ€™re trying a Pinch of Nom slow cooker sausage casserole. Just stuck that in the oven. Will have with some veg. Got the option for jam roly poly with custard for pudding.

Iโ€™d make a roux for a white sauce and add the cheddar to make it a thicker cheesy sauce I think. Not too sure about just milk running through there

Might be a bit of a faff for just leftovers though! You know your stuff, so let us know how you get on!

Just had 3 christmas pudding digestives for breakfast. Got leftover pizza for lunch and a meatless roast for tea.


I would properly mix it in! Trust me, it works :cowboy_hat_face:


Any good? Are they chocolate coated too?

And what are you not sure about re my pasta dish?

Iโ€™m not convinced that this dish needs the Worcestercescerstishire sauce, imo.


Casserole Sunday! So the casserole is in the slow cooker already. Slow cookers are great ainโ€™t they


Use this as a trick all the time to revive frozen cheese sauce so I can always fall back on emergency macaroni cheese ror R (it is his favourite, so good to be able to make stress free of he is having a bad day)

Fried egg sandwich for breakfast.

No idea for lunch.

Got a lovely bit of pork loin from the butchers yesterday for a roast dinner.

They are chocolate coated. Very nice imo, could use a little more flavour but still good. Will be trying the gingerbread ones today too.

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Also just remembered we have soup, so that too :yum:

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Just the three today :weary::weary:


Missed the chance to do a ying yang with that egg and the beans.