🥑 Sunday Dinner 06-12-2020 🥑

I like the trailing tail on the egg.

Edit*: le eggoi



You having toast with that, pal?

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Sure did, chum


Gonna do a roast, thank your deity of choice for Iceland and its panoply of pre-prepared goodies.

I’m going to be doing my own vegetables, but the Christmas range has so much good gear!

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Good good.
Eggs and beans need bread or toast imo.

Gonna have mushroom on toast, the toast will be buttered with leftover bacon butter from last nights dinner. :yum:
Stick a poached egg on top as well :+1:

Breakfast: Cheerios
Brunch will be dippy eggs and toast!
Lunch will probably be snacks. I got some halloumi fries from Waitrose Christmas range which are banging.
Dinner: I wanna do a nice veggie curry!


That bacon butter is like crack :drooling_face:


think we might make a roast tonight… :thinking:… either that or butternut squash risotto. think i fancy a roast.

Didn’t eat the pasta at breakfast, had 3 slices of pizza and about to have a banana and berry smoothie

  • Big tray of nachos and pasta leftovers plus more cake is enough food for the rest of the day
  • You need to make a proper dinner

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I bet you make a banging roast, Lopes!

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I have snaffled through a freezer lunch of rye bread and veggie fingers (not good but not awful) followed by half a brownie Wor Lass brought home this week. I really wanted soup or beans but we only have soups I didn’t want and The Child has eaten all my beans and sausage like the little killjoy she is.

Hopefully making a prawn biryani tonight.

VEGETARIAN sausages, SWEDE AND SWEET POTATO Mash, gravy, leeks, carrots

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Beans on toast
Dunno for tea (maybe pasta/pesto)

Fried chilli and garlic broccoli and noodles


How you cooking your leeks now hun?

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i make a damn tasty roast potato :+1:

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With a big fucking lump of salty butter