Sunday Dinner 07-07-2018

It’s a fairly straight forward sauce. Finely slice up a shallot and cook it in oil, add in approx 5 cloves (i always use lots of garlic cos it’s fucking amazing) of finely sliced garlic, throw in a finely chopped red chilli.
Once all that is starting to colour throw in a tin of peeled plum tomatoes, fill the tin half full of water and put that in along with a handful of basil. Salt and pepper, pinch of oregano, pinch of thyme, some chilli flakes, splash of balsamic vinegar. Oh and a squeeze of tomato puree.
Let that bubble away and reduce.

However tonight i am gonna double dunt the tomatoes. Gonna roast off some cherry tomatoes and baby plum tomatoes in garlic, oil, basil and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Roast for about 15/20 mins at about 180, the tomatoes and garlic get all sticky and amazing.

Throw that in with the other sauce and we have a fucking spot on pasta sauce.:+1:


Oh yes.
Oh fuck yes.

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Ate my potatoes so quick I forgot to take a pic.

Imagine going clubbing and parboiling some potatoes in a big pan on the dance floor

Chips and curry

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Just realised I didn’t have any dinner. I had some churros mid afternoon, and I nicked some of someone else’s chips around 5.30, and had a 99 ice cream a bit later. No wonder I’m a bit peckish.