🍏 Sunday Dinner 08-11-2020 🍏

Hello friends,

What are you eating today?

I’m making a toffee apple tarte tatin for pudding, no idea what’s for lunch or dinner yet, though.



Sausage sandwich for breakfast.
probably soup for lunch.
Beef stew is in the slow cooker for dinner.

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Bacon waffles for brekko.

Mcdonals for luncho

Β£10 steak for dinno



Fried rice with last nights leftover pork belly, so fucking tasty


Gonna make lemon and coriander roast chicken with mini roasties. @Twentynine if you’re reading this, I’m thinking of you :slight_smile:


Bacon and egg sandwich was breakfast.

Doing roast pork with roasted veg (carrots, parsnips, onions, garlic + leeks) and potatoes for dinner.

Toffee sponge and custard for pudding.

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Mustard, spring onion and cheese potato skins for breakfast :yum:


We’re thinking about making a deep pan pizza…
I can’t really think of any vegetable sides for pizza apart from salad and coleslaw :thinking:
Anyone have any suggestions?

Soup around a bonfire just because


Was gonna say garlic stuffed mushrooms. How about onion rings?

In lighting this by the way I very nearly had a petrol can accident like that viral video guy.

Do NOT try and add petrol to a lit bonfire. If this wasn’t already obvious. It was to me but I still thought…

Yesterday I got petrol in my mouth trying to syphon out the lawnmower. I honestly think I might be one of those… Stupid people?

Just hoofed myself round a long, hilly, muddy run.

So I’ll be eating some peany b and jam on toast, with a hot chocolate, while in the bath.

Then having a double portion last nights lasagne for lunch

Then campaigning for a takeaway for dinner.

Fuck the haters


Lunch: 2x ham & mustard rolls, 2x pork pies, 1x fgs mccoys, smarties buttons

Dinner: Jus Rol pizza bases with burrata and salami.


I’m not too keen on onion rings, tbh!

I wish you every success in your endeavours!

What shall I make with the puff pastry offcuts?

  • Nutella, chopped nuts, sweet cream cheese concoction
  • Cheddar, spring onion, cream cheese and herb savoury creation

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We’ve got a Matcha Sunday Japanese dessert box coming in an hour or so.

If it’s anything like those of previous weeks, it’ll be excellent.

EDIT: It’ll contain this lot



This looks so good! Checked their website and they only order to certain postcodes :weary: I really love japanese deserts, they aren’t too sweet and taste so good

Already failed. Got a higgedy quiche thing in the fridge so will be making harissa squash and chickpeas to go with that