🧀 Sunday Dinner 09-05-2021 🧀

Good morning, food fans!

What’s for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and tea?


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Breakfast - Cheese on Toast (with pip’s hot sauce)

Lunch - no idea

Dinner - Baked chimichanga + pico de gallo. Not sure if good or bad, but the pico de gallo has been in the fridge since yesterday afternoon.


Was meant to be doing the big shop today but I pranged my ankle at football yesterday. So guess it’ll be takeaway

Sorry about your ankle! Hope it heals soon. Enjoy your takeaway :blush: please let us know what you get

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I can’t in good conscience like this.

Keto is a particularly dangerous diet btw, can really fuck up your kidneys.

The literature doesn’t really support that in terms of short time spent on the diet. Part of Keto is restricting protein as well, so although I might eat more meat, it’s restricted to only about 100g of protein a day (which is more than you should have, but only doing for about 3 months). If you eat loads more than that, longterm, then yes, potentially an issue for kidneys.
I’m more concerned about being overweight than being on Keto for a few months, and it’s working as nearly lost 2 stone, so couple more months and I can stop eating weird stuff.

Ok you do you, I just felt I should warn you in case you weren’t aware.

This is a note to everyone - In future please can you spoiler any weight or diet chat in my Sunday dinner thread please (sorry, I should have said that before).

Tbf I just put a picture up, you started talking about diets and I just responded, didn’t realise you wanted my response blurred. Anyway, I’ll post my sad meals in the daily thread or just not.

I know, that’s why I apologised and put the note to everyone. Genuinely not having a go, just trying to look out for my pals on drownedinsound.com

although tbf I’ve seen you mention keto a lot over the last few weeks and this is clearly a picture of a diet meal so my initial comment wasn’t completely out of nowhere. Anyway no beef, I can see you’re already getting plenty :wink:

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Having some horrible nut granola as brunch, part 2 of brunch will be coffee and choc chip cookies.

Dinner will be roasted chicken thighs, spinach and orzo*

Vienetta might get involved at some point.

@Gnometorious you’ve forgotten to put yours in the OP :wink:

*line up subject to change

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Made loads of homous yesterdayso that for lunch.

Tea will be something from the freezer i think. Or maybe a wild garlicky pasta

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Couldn’t approve of this more.

Your dinner sounds lush too.

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Not sure if lunch is on the cards today, but we’re making cauliflower, broccles and leeks with cheese later with all that roast sides type stuff that might be musterable, like potatoes and parsnips and carrots and Brussels and yorkies and I don’t IDK if we’ve got anything else.

We having pudding today? :face_with_monocle:


I didn’t take a picture of breakfast as it was the same as yesterday.

:strawberry::banana: Banana and strawberry smoothie :banana::strawberry:

Hash brown waffles, beans, scrambled eggs and aoili :yum:

1 dark choc ginger biscuit and 3 dcdb +coffee for breakfast pudding

  • I must have an even number of biscuits :nerd_face:
  • I worship chaos :smiling_imp:

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I had porridge with raspberries and dark chocolate for breakfast. Roast chicken dinner later, mainly as a way for me to eat loads of swede.


How do you cook your swede?

I’ve only ever had it mashed with carrots.

seeing as we had pork belly last night we’re gonna make that fried rice prawn breakfast thing. half the reason for having the pork belly in the first place is the glorious breakfast it offers up the next day. :slight_smile:
not sure what’s for dinner tonight. staying southside to hang out/help my sis with my wee niece. :relaxed:


Usually mashed with butter and lots of pepper. It’s also pretty good roasted.

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:wave:t2: I’m partial to pudding

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