🥦 Sunday Dinner 10-04-2022 🥦

Good day to you all!

What’s on the menu?



Have some Scotch pies to use up so will have them with beans at some point.

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Breakfast: Porridge with raspberries and blueberries
Lunch: Gf didnt have anythin in so grabbed a couple of Bol boodle pots, ones a spicy ramen thing and one teriyaki, imagine we’ll switch half way through
Tea: maybe saag aloo again
Snacks: maybe some pistachios


Just a sandwich for lunch then Chinese for dinner I reckon x

Not sure why I put an x on the end

Breakfast: Nil

Had a strawberry and cream frappucino as a Sunday treat.

About to do hot dogs for lunch.

Dinner is tbc but likely to be some sort of pasta and cheese sauce affair.

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No breakfast.

Leftover Mama Funk’s lasagna for lunch

Gonna make some garlic & rosemary lamb steak with garlic butter roast potatoes for dinner.


Gonna make a garlic and goats cheese tart.

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Ooooh, looking forward to seeing it!

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  • Butter and marmite
  • Butter

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Mine won’t be fancy like this but need pork belly now.

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Maybe roast lamb today but my family are being very vague about their plans & timings

Like, it’s great that I’ve got the flat to myself all day while they’re all out doing stuff but they’re also all gonna arrive hungry & expecting dinner on the table at some point. Would be good to know what time that’s gonna be

In the meantime here’s yesterday’s brunch, which was killer


Breakfast - bowl of cinnamon grahams and coffee.

Lunch - the remains of last night’s Domino’s. It has reminded me I probably won’t bother with Domino’s again. I also had a hen party cupcake which looked nice but wasn’t a patch on Wor Lass’s carrot cake muffins.

Tea - options include: samosas; lasagne; ham; chicken pittas.

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Hot dawgs


Breakfast was fried eggs (2) on seeded sourdough. About to have the remains of last nights cannellini and butter bean salad. Thinking of Tom Kerridge’s roast lamb for dinner

But i’ll have to do the weekly shop first so need to get a move on…


Hot cross bun for breakfast

But of sourdough and cheese for lunch. Apple and tomatoes. Cup of tea in a second.

Thinking saag paneer and curry cauliflower for dinner with naan


I love boulangerie potatoes! Mmm might have to make some again soon

Train picnic for lunch. Treated myself to a scotch egg as a nifty lunch side snack.

  • Roast peppers and tomatoes and stir them into pasta :tomato:
  • Blitz them after roasting :spaghetti:

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