🥦 Sunday Dinner 11-07-2021 🥬

Hello friends!

What’s for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and snacks today?

Wishing you all a delicious it’s coming home :blush:


@avery just made us perfect buttery scrambled eggs on a piece of toast.

I’m meeting friends for lunch at 12.30 (why so early?!) at a pub by the river. Not sure what’s on the menu yet.

Having a couple of friends over this evening for the football so probably going to buy oven snacks+pizza. If I get time this afternoon I’d quite like to bake a cake.


This with rotis tonight. Nice and easy.


Orangina :orange_heart:


Going to make some form of green bean & tofu thing for lunch.

Dinner will be picky bits at the pub and then at home during the footy

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I feel I’m going to disappoint you today - breakfast was buttered toast, lunch is probably leftover keema and we’re not sure what is happening with tea because we’re collecting The Child.

Thoughts and prayers x

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  • Make some wanky picky bits
  • People will just want crisps and simple picky bits. Don’t be a hero, twat

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mac and cheese and some sauerkraut. not sure what else

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In all honesty, I’d enjoy something jazzy but nobody will expect anything better than some crisps. Maybe some (faux?) sausage rolls if you want.

2 foot sausage roll

Breakfast: 2x Morrisons spiced oat & raisin cookie

Lunch: BBQ beef baguette, chicken satay skewers, Burts crisps, chocolate waffle

Dinner: jacket potatoes with tuna mayo & cheese, ice cream, football snacks, beer.

Think time is going to be the kicker isn’t it. If I’ve got a couple of spare hours to mooch to the shop and cook I’ll do so. Otherwise it’s ready made picky bits


Everyone will definitely be happy with simple premade picky bits so don’t stress yourself over it but if you do have time it’s fun to make your own stuff :blush:

Looks like yer boi is making some veggie ‘sausage’ rolls, some cheesey potato rosti muffins and some vietnamese tofu spring rolls.

So good! So good! So good!


Hello Gnome.

Just had my weetabix and them some nice chocolate cake

Gonna rustle up a salad, with lentils and roast courgette and stuff. Maybe box it up to take on a walk.

Then think vgn kiev, wedges and beans for tea.

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Not too wanky though.

Great snacks :yum:

Tell me more!

Grate some spud and onion. Wring them out in a tea towel. Chuck them in a bowl with flour, cheese, egg, salt, pepper, parsley. Line a muffin tin with butter. Stuff the potato mix in, bung in the oven for half an hour.

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Help me choose my lunch please

  • Crispy chicken burger with coleslaw and chips :hamburger:
  • Grilled chicken and parmesan salad :green_salad:
  • Loaded potato wedges (starter but as a main) :potato:

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Good afternoon!

Had some toasts for brekko.

Dad has got a leg o lamb in the oven for lunch (plus all the usual accompaniments) and mom has made a lemon meringue pie for pudding.

Probably just beer and crisps for tea during the football.

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