Sunday Dinner 11-08-2019 (it's my Saturday)

Almost forgot but then I remembered!

Hi friends,

What are you eating today?


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Just ordered scrambled eggs with spinach, red onion and feta for breakfast

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Just had a Full Scottish :heart_eyes: will probably keep eating shite throughout today


Disappointing beans on toast followed by a vanilla/ chocolate crunch corner.

Turkey and cranberry meatballs later though.


Going Full Full Scottish?

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Whatever takes my eye in marksies #boujee

Got two options. Tofu/kale salad or baked sweet potato and beans/kimchi

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Cod tacos for lunch. Going home for dinner where Iโ€™d put a significant chunk of my life savings on it being roast chicken.


Ham and cheese sandwich, 2x pork pie, big bag oโ€™ crisps and a slice of refrigerator cake for lunch. Garlic & chilli roast chicken later, obvs.

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I believe theyโ€™re called โ€˜wingsโ€™.

But yes, roasted new potatoes in with the chicken in the spicy oil mix, tenderstem broccoli.

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I donโ€™t know, what am I eating today? Just chomped on some cold toast.

I vote baked sweet potato with beans no kimchi

See, I didnโ€™t poll this because I think the salad leaves need using.

Baked pots tomorrow evening I think.

Iโ€™d have salad with a baked potato. You canโ€™t just have salad on a Sunday.

Iโ€™m making stew for tea though.

Oh thatโ€™s OK then.

Meatballs and spaghetti

Dunno what I fancy, maybe pasta, maybe some kind of mushroomy pasta.:thinking: