Sunday Dinner 11-08-2019 (it's my Saturday)

Didn’t post my pic because it was sub-par. Can’t even talk about it right now because my rare treat was such a let down. Raging.


Haven’t put any food in my mouth yet today :sob:

There’s some gammon in the oven

Might eat that if it doesn’t shut up about how much of a travesty it is that Lauren Laverne presents Desert Island Discs


Had some soup for lunch wi some toast

Learning how to do pork kebabs, combining it with baked leeks in a creamy cheese sauce so I have something (kinda) veggie as well. Should be fun!

Baked leeks in a creamy cheese sauce omg :yum::yum::yum:


Slow roasted lamb

Got my HelloFresh delivery earlier but I’ve just ordered a dominos. I am a weak and flabby man.

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Life savings are safe. Also had rhubarb and apple crumble from the garden. :+1:

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Turkey and cranberry meatballs with cous cous.


my friend paid me back!


I have no food in the house and no will to walk and get some. Decide for me

  • Cereal (cocoa shreddies)
  • Takeaway (probably cuzza)
  • Frozen Quorn mince? Frozen herbs? Frozen tortilla wrap? Misery

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Part of me really hopes you ignore the obvious win for Cuzza (in true DiS poll tradition) and end up eating Shreddies.

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So this turned out very fucking well indeed

Washed down with a big ol’ glass of Lilt.


1 litre of Moviprep ready to go. HMMMMM DELICIOUS (not pictured 2nd pint glass)

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Aw god this tastes vile arrrrrghhhhhh

Like someone poured salt over stale lemons

Cuzza it is


Im not even half way down my first glass and almost been sick :sob: