🥔 Sunday Dinner 13-12-2020 🥬

Oh mates, I think I’ve ruined it.
Whipped the slow cooker out cause it’s raining which made me want a casserole/stew/whatever. Browned off my onions and garlic and veggie sausages and all that jazz, it was going marvellously. But then I was singing along to rufus wainwright with far too much gusto and ergo was not paying attention and accidentally put half a jar of gravy granules in. The salt. Oh God, the salt.

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Pour a sack of potatoes in :potato:


You’re an angel!
Will put a few in now :kissing_cat:

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Chilli tofu with rice, noodles, pasta?

Filet of duck breast, pan fried then finished in the oven, with herb and garlic butter bee potatoes and Kale and pok choi stir fried in the duck fat with chilli, garlic and szechuan pepper.

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Got potatoes to use so we’re having Linda’s and mash with asparagus and gravy and that

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I made the Caeser sandwich from Max’s including pickled grapes and roast chicken and it was excellent.

We’ve now got a fridge full of leftover sandwich fillings that will be excellent next week.


Hi guys

Tonight we are having special rice with vegan bacon and vegan samosa and Naan bread.

Got some vegan chocolate brownie and ice cream for dessert.

Having a beer now.

What a life X


Attempting a roast dinner with Spanish flavours.

Pan-fried mackerel with a romesco sauce and pickled vegetables to start, followed by roast chicken in a spicy tomato sauce with roast potatoes, roasted sprouts/broccoli/cauliflower and aioli. Basically patatas bravas but with added chicken and veg.

Housemate has made a spiced ginger cake for dessert.

Also found a bottle of 2006 Châteauneuf-du-Pape under the stairs that a former tenant left here, so will be having that too. Probably more excited about the wine than the food.


Had a terrible brown food because I was feeling delicate day

Breakfast piece of toast
Lunch cheese sandwich, two bags of French fries and a double decker
Dinner, chips and cheese with a pitta bread and some peas.

Promise I will eat vegetables tomorrow.


I need to upgrade my housemate game.

The best I took away from a house share was some tupperware and a set of mugs.

Reminder that pics are enthusiastically encouraged😊


I never met this person – they lived here way before I did, but I’m pretty glad they forgot about their wine!

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First time attempt at a lentil and chorizo soup; on the hob, soon to be blended and served…



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Guess which idiot had a spectacular spatial awareness fail, careened into a door and yeeted a bowl of freshly made lentil and chorizo soup all over themselves and the livingroom floor?

One for @anon19035908


Would 100% stick my face in that.

Noooooo! :scream::sob: