🍎 Sunday Dinner 14-02-2021 🍎

Good day to you, my sweet potatoes!

What’s for brunch, lunch, dinner and tea?

I’m going to get out of bed soon to make cinnamony caramelised apples for our breakfast pancakes :pancakes:

Hope you all have a delicious day!



Breakfast is the normal tea and 4 slices of toast.

Lunch, no idea really.

Dinner is

Gonna make some rostis to put on the side and roast some carrots

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Made some Biscoff pancakes for breakfast.

Got leftover chimichanga from last night for lunch.

Gonna do some chicken and roast veggies for dinner.


Breakfast - pizza
Lunch - don’t know yet
Dinner - roast, featuring Yorkshire pudding pies!


The breakfast of champions :muscle:


More details please. Got any pics?

Thinking one or maybe two bowls of Curiously Cinnamon for lunch, Detroit style pizza for dinner

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Oh, you do that here too as well as on FB, lovely. Hi! I was going to do a full roast and see how crap these GF yorkies are, but I have had no sleep so may end up just reheating some of the mammoth leftover spag bol from last night. I’m feeling quite smug with myself because I haven’t done a spag in fifteen years, blagged it, and the fiance loved it so much that I’m surprised he didn’t take it to bed with him last night.

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How should I chop my apples?

  • Sliced
  • Diced

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Oops, not meant as a reply to @hesastopsiiiiign sorry!

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This is when I made it a few weeks ago

Season and cook a couple of chicken breasts and shred them.

Slice a pepper and an onion and fry them for a few minutes. Add a teaspoon of chili powder, a teaspoon of garlic powder and half a teaspoon of cumin and let it cook for a minute. Tin of chopped toms and juice of half a lime. Stir in your chicken. Load up your tortillas and stick it in the oven for 10 mins or so.

Going to try it with some beef or pork next time.


Oh! I thought chimichangas had to be deep fried. Thrse look and aound good but if I was putting them in the oven I wouldn’t be able to resist snothering them in sauce and cheese first :grinning:

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Breakfast: Crumpets
Snack: Doughnuts
Lunch: Got these very traditional heart shaped vegan chorizo pastry things from mozzas, then gonna roast celeriac, pots and carrots., I think
Tea: Dunno, something light


Am still digesting this from last night, courtesy of Dishpatch.co.uk. really very tasty and super easy as well.

Today, fewer courses. Maybe just a jacket potato or something.


Carbonara with homemade pasta for dinner


Chocolate and salted caramel hot cross buns for breakfast

Super sandwiches for lunch

Not sure on dinner


just eating loads of red lindors, lots of cheese for later, and leftover Chinese takeaway. a culinary marvel of a day


Having dinner at lunchtime (too boring to describe)

So that means I might have time to make beetroot and ginger soup fir tea, all going well :crossed_fingers:

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Obligatory pics plz

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Only thing I’ll be eating today is :eggplant:


Don’t forget to salt it first. Or don’t salt it. Can’t remember where we got to on that discussion