🧈 Sunday Dinner 14-11-2021 🧈

Greetings, friends!

What’s on the menu today?

:camera_flash: please :cowboy_hat_face:



We’re having crumpets for breakfast. I can’t wait :relaxed:

Was nothing in the house for breakfast. I’m absolutely starving as well.

Lunch is tbc

Dinner is planned to be fish fingers and chips, which isn’t very Sunday-like. Hoping the shopping turns up early and might do pork belly instead.

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I’m not sure. What do you think I should have @Gnometorious ?


I’m having crumpets for breakfast too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: But I don’t know what to have on them :thinking:

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Scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast.

probably soup for lunch.

Got a turkey thigh joint to roast for later on. May well investigate pudding options when we walk the dog a bit later.

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Lunch is at my mum’s so 🤷

Dinner will likely be soup so I can make extra for work tomorrow.

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Its pretty much default option on a Sunday morning here. Could have put the extra effort in and done shakshuka but, you know, effort.


Also in crumpet club for breakfast. Got some potato salad and cocktail sausages and crisps and that for lunch, probably jacket potatoes for tea.


We had boiled eggs yesterday. Well we were supposed to but then they got dropped and we had a fight that is still reverberating and I doubt I will ever make boiled eggs again tbh.

Standard Sunday far for breakfast, although mixing it up with smoked trout as opposed to smoked salmon.
No idea what’s for dinner yet🤔

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I’ve woken up really late so might not bother with breakfast.

I’ll probably have an apple in a bit and then eat some of the leftover tagine for lunch. I could probably convert it into shakshuka if I do some washing up.

I’m doing an Italian-style roasted cauliflower later - plenty of lemon and garlic and roasties with green vegetables.


Breakfast at my parents

Cheese and ham croissants, pain au chocolate, pain aux raisin, bacon butties, orange juice and coffee


I’m going to have lots and lots of butter and a fried egg :fried_egg:


Curry :curry:

I have no idea what we’re having for dinner today, either… :thinking::earth_africa::oyster:

I’m DJing later so don’t think I’ll have curry. Probably something light and beige.

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Got a huge almond croissant waiting for me when I get back from gym and swim. It’s from my favourite bakery (Holtwhite’s in Enfield) and I haven’t had one for a month or so. BUZZING.


POV: you’re my crumpets :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


My crumpets


Those cinnamon churros cereal things for breakfast
2 x Seabrook Canadian ham

Gonna make a big soup maybe potato, leek, cauliflower and mushroom. Dunno if that’s too much

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