🥦 Sunday Dinner 15-08-2021 🥦

Hello and welcome to this weeks Sunday Dinner thread.

What’s on the menu today, friends?


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Going to a friends sort of birthday, sort of pre-baby shower thing.

There will be picky bits provided

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Had fried eggs covered in sriracha for breakfast

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I’m not committing to anything at this point.

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Just had a jam doughnut.

Lunch: Roast dinner without the meat (potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, peas, green beans, carrots, gravy)

Tea: Sausage rolls, Pringles etc.


I did my weekday breakfast as I run out of crunchy nut and have to do a run today

Porridge with almond milk, almond butter, coconut, bananas, strawbs, bberries and chia seeds.

Lunch - I ordered loads of Salame and Parma ham for aperitivo last night so have a lot left and will probs make a sarnie.

Dinner - dunno yet but we’re on a strong salad vibe so might check in with the tik tok salad lady and see what she’s got


Just picked up a chicken and veg pie at Tebay services for ddinner. Will probably go mash and green veg as sides.

Had plans to book in somewhere for a roast but just can’t face another big heavy meal.

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We had emergency pizza for breakfast :pizza:

Need lots of vegetables :broccoli::green_salad::leafy_green::cucumber::onion::garlic::carrot::potato::avocado::hot_pepper::sweet_potato::cheese:

Inspired by @Funkhouser might also do roast without the meat for dinner.
Particularly given the meat is usually a Quorn grill or similar which noone would miss.

Breakfast was Yog and granola/grapes

Lunch is going to be a goats cheese, onion marmalade and salad sandwich on sourdough. Maybe monster munch on the side.


Cheese and ham toasties for lunch. Dinner not sure yet.

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Apparently its creamy bacon, broccoli and mushroom tagliatelle for tea

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All this roast chat is making me want roast stuff.

Reckon it’ll be pie with roast trimmings but, not sure whether to make or buy the pie, or go to the broadfield and get their excellent pies to cook at home

  • Make a pie
  • Buy a pie (shop)
  • Buy a pie (broadfield)

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I’ve got a hankering for roast potatoes, now.

Decided I probably won’t have time to make one so have ordered broadfield pies.

Me - goats cheese, truffle and dijon
Her - beef, potato and henderson’s

Fiver a pop. Don’t mind if I do

Roasties, cabbage, carrots, Yorkshires and maybe some stuffing on the side. Gravy naturlich


Breakfast was Omlette.

Lunch was an egg+bacon sandwich and a bag of salt+vinegar crips.

Not decided on dinner yet.

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Empanada day. didn’t take photos.


Mmmm empanadas!

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  • Pie with roast trimmings
  • Veggie roast

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looks like this


:yum: What was inside? Chorizo?