Sunday Dinner 15-11-2020 ๐Ÿ”ช


Whatโ€™s cookinโ€™?



:spaghetti: :egg: :cheese: :bacon: [white] :wine_glass:


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Meal I: Staffy oatcakes
Meal II: Leftover curry, will make up some roti I guess


Please can I see your staff oatcakes? Iโ€™m thinking about making some this week!

Ps. Iโ€™m aIso having leftover curry fur breakfast :yum:

Gonna pop out to grab a croissant

Leftover curry lunch

??? dinner

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Lunch - mozzarella, pesto & tomato ciabattas with some antipasti shizz

Going to sainsbos today so dinner may be last nightโ€™s pasta bake or something fun from the shop

Also will be making pistachio, dark chocolate and orange shortbread


Roast beef, roast potatoes, roasted parsnips, swede, brocolli, carrots, peas, and Yorkshire puds.


Some bread for lunch.


Just now - chocolate cake.

Later - ants climbing a tree.

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Want! :yum:
Lunch sounds great too.

Having avocado and sausage with toast for breakfast soon. Late lunch/dinner will be homemade vegan ravioli with spinach and cashew โ€˜ricottaโ€™ - never made pasta before but looking forward to giving it a bash :crossed_fingers:

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Banana pancakes in a bit if Iโ€™ve got the ingredients

Roast later

A classic Sunday

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Had a fusion breakfast. Vgn square sausage on cornbread.


Staying on brand with double avocado meals cause there are a bunch going out of date. Avo toast for breakfast and quesadillas for dinner with lots of guacamole


Going for a sausage casserole tonight, with some awesome bangers I picked up from the butcher yesterday.

Breakfast was poached eggs on toast.
No idea about lunch.

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Iโ€™ll document the process for you, just cleaned my oven so need to wait for it all to dry

Youโ€™re a true pal! :blush:

Just posted in the Sunday thread, but whipped up a very heavy brunch


There was a lack of breakfast ingredients, so ended up with potato waffles and poached eggs for breakfast.

Got a bit of red velvet cake for lunch.

Gonna roast a chicken and do some sort of veg with it for dinner.


Pear and sultana porridge for breakfast with lots of ginger and cinnamon and a bit of honey

Lunch was a total cba when I saw some mini naan in the cupboard that were out of date (meant to have been with a curry I was making earlier in the week, but of course I didnโ€™t make it because Iโ€™m rubbish), so I heated some and made a sandwich of them with mango chutney in the middle.

Dinner is whatever Iโ€™m given and Iโ€™m sure it will be very boring.