Sunday Dinner 16-02-2020

Having roast fennel and courgette pasta with red pesto.

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Chicken shawarma and roasted vegetable cous cous

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OK Poll time

  • Sunday dinner, have some vegetables
  • That Anna Jones Dahl, use up the sweet potatoes
  • Something else

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Didn’t even drop the fucker. It just exploded when I took it out of the oven!

Our casserole dish has got a couple of fine cracks through it (and has done for a few years) - I’m waiting for it to do this while it’s in the oven full of stew or whatever.

Its good


Oh no! What was cooking in it at the time?

Was beginning a pasta bake…

Kitchen is a bombsite, [did i mention the tiler], but i think I’m going to try to work around the mess and cook something.

My mum’s spaghetti. I’m pretty optimistic there’ll be no vomit on my sweater.


Currently cooking the ras El hanout roasted cauli from GRT.

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Who wants to be first with a frying pan comment this week?


I’m doing pork loin with apples and cider as a kind of pot roast. Quite autumnal but acceptable for winter I think.

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That’s a good looking pan of food you’ve got there!


We had dahl. It was delicious.

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Chef hard at work

Honey and mustard sausages, sweet tayto mash and beans


Two immodium and a cup of tea. Fuck illness…

Oh noooo :pensive: feel better soon!

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Lovely kitchen there. Can your dog say sausages???