🍦 Sunday Dinner 17-07-2022 🍦

:sunny: Come on in to the foodiest thread of the week!

What’s on the menu today?

Remember to stay hydrated and eat as many ice-lollies and /or ice-creams as possible!



Hi! Scampi, chips and peas for tea tonight. The rest is unknown. Prob nothing.

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Breakfast was leftover Chinese. Lunch will be leftover picky bits. Dinner will be additional picky bits/salad

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Had a chocolate pastry and chai

Going to have leftover garlic pesto pasta with peas for lunch

Might make cauliflower, potato, caper and dill salad for dinner as I’m passing a good dill stockist soon :yum:


Did some Jus Rol cinnamon swirls for breakfast

(That is icing haphazardly drizzled on them btw)

Not sure what, if anything, for lunch and then BBQ-ing later


Isn’t all/standard pesto garlicky? What’s extra garlicky about this one?

Just off into town for lunch I reckon. What should I get?

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It’s wild garlic pesto not basil based.


Oh I really want to try that! Do you put cloves of garlic in too? What else is in it?

Hello! Going back to Edinburgh today :cry: will have poached eggs on toast for breakfast, a roast chicken roll on the bus and then… I’m on my own this evening so maybe a cheeky takeaway for dinner? :thinking:

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I dont remember which recipe i used as its stuff that was in the freezer and I’m annoyed because i seem to remember it was quite different to all the other ones that come up on a quick search. Wish i wrote my recipes down :sob:

But no, not cloves as well, that’d overpower the taste of the garlic leaves imo.

It’s so good

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Want a roll and sausage but means I’d have to firstly get out of bed and then go to a shop to buy rolls.

Tea, half a slice of toast with PB
Pint of water
Then vegan breakfast for brunch

Got full and saved my square sausage for a roll later


You can do it! Quickly before it gets too hot to move :bread:

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This looks so good. That buttery toast :heart:


Feel your pain. Just back from holiday and there is no food in the house.

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Had half of this pizza for breakfast, before eating a Choco Fresh and am about to enjoy a nifty snacking apple for breakfast pudding 2


Had a very Mediterranean breakfast of pan com tomato with anchovies :yum:
Reckon I can’t post photos as I have a new phone and photos on the new phone use more data. :thinking: