๐Ÿง… Sunday Dinner 18-10-2020 ๐Ÿง…

Hello and good day,

Whatโ€™s for brunch, lunch, dinner and tea?


Brekko was a coffee and a cinnamon bun bun.

Might go a roast for dins?

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Weโ€™re making a pie.

Pie and

  • Mash
  • Chips
  • Roast
  • Dauphinois
  • Jacket
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Breakfast was herby scrambled eggs, mushrooms and sriracha.

Might do some sort of pasta bake for dinner?

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Breakfast - Strawberry and grapes

Lunch - Leftover chilli

Dinner - Roast chicken, veg, etc

Think this is the exact same stuff I had last Sunday.

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Got some onions, peppers and courgette roasting butโ€ฆ no idea what will happen with them after that

Lunch - leftover lamb stew and dumplings.

Tea - greengrocerโ€™s hotpot that looks cool but @Gnometorious said wasnโ€™t fancy enough for Sunday.


Oh weโ€™re going out now

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Omelette for breakfast

Dunno about lunch

Dinner, roast potatoes, veg and somethingโ€ฆcauli cheese maybe.


Operation roast is a go go! Lamb choppingtons, roastie peas, yorky pudpuds, stuffingz and le carrotoi


Glad @anon19035908 isnโ€™t about to see that abomination :joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Breakfast - scrambled eggs on toast with truffle cheese

Lunch - leftovers from last night, gnocchi with home made rocket and asparagus pesto with courgette and kale

Dinner - fish cakes, chips and beans lol

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Did a roast. Beef. And all the rest. Well nice


Not, not fancy enough, not sexy enough. Not enough cheese/butter/bread or potatoes.

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Gonna make nice hand-cut chips or just crappy old oven chips?

Eek, was going to try and be healthy but really want BURGERS and chips :blush:

Bought leaner burgers, only because I liked that they were thinnerโ€ฆ totally cancelled the healthiness out by buying two each :star_struck:

Looking most forward to the pickles and cheap cheese slices.


Omgggg yes

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Lunch is yesterdayโ€™s leftovers. Sodha Sri Lankan cucumber & cashew curry. Its really very good

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